Icebox Beaches, among Other Things.

Good evening! I'm making a habit of posting rather late at night, aren't I? Today, I sort of had a busy day, you might say. My friend Miranda invited me to the beach with her. However, she failed to inform everyone that the high for the day was 79 degrees, but the low was 54 degrees. Of course, the beach was freezing. We only stayed for about 25 minutes - me taking a few pictures and Miranda dashing into the ocean to frantically do what she came to do...which was....to swim? Later I was told that the water was quite numbing. Hahah...oh dear.

(personally, i was pretty cold. granted, i wasn't wearing much to cover up with!)

Despite it being a nor cal beach (freezing), there were a lot of people there today. I guess some don't mind chilly water.

Later, we walked around a city not too far from where we live. To my great pleasure and surprise, we found a brand new vintage boutique store. I'm so drastically in love with this place suddenly that I might try to get a job there. I'm dead serious! Hopefully I can drag my mom there tomorrow and make her be equally impressed with the place. :)

Finally, tonight my parents randomly asked if Derek and I wanted to go to a nearby fair with them! We went and had a pretty good time. Only pretty good because the fair was kinda small, and also, I had a bad stomach ache! Definitely not fun. :(

Anyway, I figure I should wrap this up. I'm hoping tomorrow or the next day I can do a What I Wore and update you guys as well as my lookbook. Off to bed now - I need to stop staying up so late blogging! ;)

xoxo Elanor

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