Vintage Scarf and a Gardener Snake

This will be a short post, simply because I want to show my "daily outfit" or "what I wore" today. I haven't been happy with the scenery, lightning and et cetera of my photos - which is probably why I don't do this more often. It just disappoints me (and of course, seeing no hypes on lookbook is not very positive either, but i'll probably need to get over that and accept it as a fact of life, generally...).

(scarf: aubergine // patterned tank top: don't remember // brown sweater: mom's closet // skinny jeans: forever 21 // purse: forever 21 // shoe boots: good will)

While taking these pictures outside, I discovered that my cat, Zoey, had found a little snake! She was playing so ruthlessly with it. :) She was so adorable; although, I felt sorry for the snake. I'm not sure if it turned out that she killed it... I had to leave before that. Silly kitty.

Anyway, today I spent the day with my best buddy, Jessica. We just hung around, talked, and laughed. We walked, along with her brother, to a Mexican store down the street from her house and got quesadillas for lunch/dinner, too. Later on, we messed around on the computer and I experienced giggles a many. :)

It was a mellow day, but I had fun. And tomorrow is my nine month anniversary with Derek! (Yes, obviously it is not an actual "anniversary", but we do acknowledge it anyway.) I'm not sure what we will do, but I'll update nonetheless either tomorrow or Sunday on it.

Hope you all had a good Friday!
xoxo Elanor

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