Fun times and gravel that rips out skin!

Hello! I feel like it's been forever since I gave a real, genuine update! I posted super late on Monday night/really early Tuesday morning(?). Before I tell you what happened yesterday, a few hours after I took these photos, you can have a look see! ;)

I actually had a lot of fun with this shoot. I *discovered* that you can jump in the air while the camera is taking photos and things turn out...interesting! Heheh. There were many more photos from this, but I had to choose my favorites - else there would be way too many!
(dress: thrift town // porkpie hat: target // necklace: market in new mexico // white cami, & purse: forever 21 // socks: dad's closet // boots: goodwill)
So, quick break, let me begin. I went to Derek's house and we spent a good hour prepping for a hike we were going to go on. When we were ready to go, ten minutes into the hike, I slip on gravel and VOILA a gash and many cuts on my leg appears! So basically things aren't fun and we went back to his house and cleaned it up but now then I'm all sad. So long story short, we didn't do much yesterday cause our plans sorta crumbled... Oh well. (don't even ask why I was wearing this dress to go on a hike... grawwwrr...)
But anyway, I'm okay now, but I'm just sad I couldn't go on that hike cause I was pumped for updating today with some awesome wilderness pictures! Ah well, like Derek says, we have the whole rest of the summer.

As for how I'm going to take outfit pictures now that I have rather unappealing cuts on my leg... I don't know... :( So, I may not have as many daily outfit posts for a while, which is too bad... But I will still try to update at least every other day. I'm hoping I can gather more followers, soon, too. Trying my best! :)

I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday. Other than not doing anything till 2:30 pm, I went to Target with my mom! Yay! Hehe. I can't help it, I love Target. I got a few things that maybe I'll show you guys later... ;)

Have a great night!
xoxo Elanor
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  1. Ooooooh - action pictures! We want to see a pic of your gruesome gash
    1 xo

  2. @Mark and Liz Barosko
    Haha, yeeeess. :) And I dunno if I want to post that! Ick! xoxo

  3. your dress&shoes= perfection. Consider me jealous:)

  4. @maggeygrace
    aww. goodwill and a thrift store. ;) DO IT! :D


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