Peets and a straw hat.

Happy Friday! It seems that my Fridays are continually filled with grumping about and not doing anything. Ah well... at least I managed photos which is great, I'd say. However, you get to kind of see my injured leg (though you can't see the worst of it cause I have a bandaid.). I decided that I'm not going to stop taking daily-ish photos just because of my leg. It's not that bad after all.
(straw boater hat, & loose white shirt: forever 21 // floral skirt: ?? // straw purse: crossroads (thrift store) //orange leather slip ons, & brown leather belt: goodwill)
(look! there's my cat, zoey! it's rare for her to be captured in a photo! ;) hehe.)
I went on errands with my mom today, and lastly we went to Peets coffee shop where my mom took a couple photos of me. After I got home I took the rest of these shots with my tripod. :) It was a pretty boring day, overall. But I guess not every summer day can be interesting. What I really need to do is start my summer assignments for my two AP classes... Oh dear.
This past week...
1. I'm thankful for my boyfriend, Derek, and how he greatly helped me when I fell earlier this week.
2. I'm thankful for the newsletter in my neighborhood - because someone hired me for this Sunday. 6-11+ am. $15 an hour. Nice! ;)
3. I am thankful for my cat, Zoey, because she always makes me happier! :)
4. I am thankful for all the other fashion bloggers, especially my favorites, because they give me so much inspiration.
5. I'm thankful for the smell of Crew pomade, and vanilla perfume. Hehe. Favorites.

xoxo Elanor
currently listening to... Cartel - Georgia


  1. I adore your shoes and purse!

  2. @Mel
    Thanks so much! They are some of my favorites... :)

  3. oh my, you are SO pretty!! I love your hair :) This outfit is too cute. I love the floral skirt and top! Your shoes look so cozy:)

  4. @maggeygrace
    you are so sweet! and thanks soo much. these comments are making my day.

  5. Aww I wish I could have met you at the event, I love meeting new people! Maybe I'll see you at the Chictopia Clothes Swap event at Dolores Park? Your summer style is so fresh and fun! Your necklace is so interesting, I love it! I'm sorry you fell, hope you're okay now! Keep in touch and following you now :)

  6. @avalonne lou summers
    I didn't know about that event! I'll have to look it up! Thanks so much! And yes, I'm okay. My leg is healing up just fine. :)


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