Railroad tracks and underpasses.

(scarf, & blue shirt: mom's closet // necklace: a gift // denim jumper: wasteland // white leather belt: goodwill // sandals: ross)
My friend, Jessica, and I went semi-exploring around the "cuts", or back-roads, of our town. I hadn't been to these old railroad tracks before so we hung around there for a while and took photos under the underpass.

I have a love-hate relationship with this jumper, by the way. Some of the time, I basically despise the shape and front of it. But then other times, I find ways to style it, so then I enjoy wearing it. The only bad decision with this outfit may have been the shoes. Again, my shoes prove to be not good for "terrain" usage. Haha...

Anyway, looking back at these pictures, I've decided I want to steal Jessica's shirt. The print is awesome, and that striking orange color is lovely. I also like how she tied the look together with the black men's button-up. I'm hoping Jess and I can go on more shoots, but I think this was a good start. ;)

xoxo Elanor

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