Painting the town red.

Yesterday, Derek and I went to a town about 20 minutes away in order to go to a clay class, but we forgot the check... so, we ended up just walking around for a few hours. And we took photos! Yay! I didn't like the photo updates on Monday that much because we took the pictures on a different camera than my normal one so the shots weren't as nice. So I was glad to use my own simple Powershot. :)
We got scones at Starbucks and discussed Worldly Matters while chewing. Hehe. At that point, I hadn't got an outfit shot yet, so I asked Derek to take some when we were finished. Luckily he obliged! About my outfit... I always feel boring when I wear pants, but ah well, I figured I hadn't worn them for a while. I really like this shirt though! I got it from Target, to boot. :)
(scarf, & flats: mom's closet // mint shirt: target // forest green cardigan, & hobo purse: all vintage everything event // jeans: forever 21 // belt: dad's closet // necklace: h&m)

Poor Derek and me. Me, with my torn up leg and the back's of my heels constantly being ripped off (not good shoes...? heh.)... and Derek, a brace from screwing up his wrist! (see image below) Sheesh. :( Maybe we need to be more careful...
We found this really cute garden nook in the middle of the town to take the photos at. There were pretty purple flowers and red flowers and it was all just lovely. Perfect location for a short shoot! And Derek took the photos of me, which was great. It's nice not having to use a tripod and do the time-and-dash (setting the timer...running to pose...).

Have a great night, everybody!
xoxo Elanor
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  1. Beautiful setting - love how your outfit contrasts with the brick and foliage! Very cute outfit - love the shoes :)


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