Everything's Up In The Air

(loose mustard dress, & belt: forever 21 // gray cloth vest: h&m // navy keds: goodwill // bracelet: tibet shop)
I wore this yesterday to spend the afternoon with Derek at his house. Looking back at these photos, I realize - I like this dress, but I've got to admit, I don't quite like how all of Forever 21's fabric material is so thin. I guess because they are inexpensive they are allowed to do it. Oh well... It it just bothersome because then I have to wear a slip under their dresses because they are see-through.

Only just now did I realize, also, that I didn't post anything Friday - which means I had no "Thankful" section this week...! I apologize! Next week. ;) What I did Friday was not too crazy, but I am excited to say that I got new sheets and such for my bed! It made and is continuing to make me happy. The quilt is so darling, and I adore the huge sham that I now am going to be leaning up against to read every night (i just need a tall light fixture for the corner next to my bed... my room tends to be fairly poorly lit). And, of course they aren't new, my plushie kitties. :) Not as good as my real feline friend, Zoey, however! If you didn't notice, I once again managed to get shots of her! Success!
currently listening to... Nothing! How strange.


  1. love the dress and the kitty! :) xx


  2. awww. Zoey is soo cute!!!! and of course the outfit :)
    <3 Sonja

  3. We need to be friends and I'll tell you why.

    1. The color of your dress is my favorite color
    2. You have a kitty in your picture. I love cats (:
    3. I love your quilt!
    4. Your header picture is so adorable
    5. Last but not least, you have kitty PILLOWS!



  4. @Chandler
    we are now friends. it is decided. (KITTIES AND QUILTS AND MUSTARD DRESSES are great! hehe)

    ...thanks C:


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