Street Style #1

Hey there. I've decided when I don't have outfit updates, I'm going to do either a street style post like this one, or one similar, except the photos will be my favorite bloggers etc.
(sources: the style scout & hoy fashion)

from left to right, and onward each row et cetera...

1. I love the simple, but vintage feel to this outfit. The gray frock is darling and those red shoes really do make the outfit pop.
2. How I would love to have a coat and a pair of shoes like that! I really must start looking. Her sunglasses are cute, too.
3. Sort of mixing of patterns here - I love the long scarf though! When this fall and winter roll around (which seems to be sooner than I thought, now...), I would like to buy a few more scarfs. I also like the scarf-in-the-hair look! I need to figure out how to do that!
4. I don't like myself in shorts, but this gal is a complete doll. Socks, shoes, and coat. So adorable. (i love her haircut too!)
5. Again with the red-popping shoes! Ahh, Doc Martens. Really can make an outfit, can't they? I love how these shoes look with her pretty, dainty skirt. The clutch is rather neat, too.
6. In this outfit, I like the dress, sweater, and necklaces. The details on the dress are quite darling (i don't like her shoes though, oddly enough).

xoxo Elanor

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