Santa Barbara Roadtrip! Part I

Greetings, my friends. :) I have returned from my roadtrip to Santa Barbara! It feels weird to be home again, and also, to be blogging again. But I'm very glad, because I have a lot to tell! My mom and I had a great time, and we luckily managed to take a lot of photos each day. I'm choosing my favorites/fashion shots to put here though. Today's post is PART I because this needs to be spaced out in four days worth of posts! Lengthy, indeed! Let's begin?
(dress, & belt: forever 21 // necklace: from derek ♥ // minnetonka moccasins: thrift store // purse: antique shop)
Thursday we started our trip, leaving at around 11:30. We stopped in Salinas, CA for lunch and afterward, found an antique store. I found this amazing vintage purse that you are now viewing in these photos! I got it for $20, and I'm really glad I did. It's lovely.

We continued our drive and for dinner, we stopped in San Luis Obispo, CA. It is a great college town with a lot of shops and such downtown. Oddly enough, Thursday nights are farmer's market nights - so we joined the throng of people! We ran around a bit getting outfit shots and managed these before it got too dark. After sharing a taco salad for dinner we left San Luis Obispo and continued on our way to Santa Barbara...! :)
We drove into Santa Barbara around 10:30ish and got our key to our little cottage dump house. Why do I call it that you ask? Well, cause it sort of was. They didn't even have a light bulb in the bathroom's lamp... But I found the whole place rather charmingly tacky and kitsch in a weird way. But anyway... It was a nice spot because we were in the middle of town - close to the beach and close to the downtown shopping area. We learned our way around Santa Barbara within no time. ;)

Look out for Part II tomorrow!
xoxo Elanor
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