Santa Barbara Roadtrip! Part II

Happy Monday! I hope you guys won't mind post after post after post until I get through all the photos we took from our roadtrip...! Today's update is Part II of my roadtrip to Santa Barbara. Friday, we were actually there and ready to check out the city.
(sweater, & shirt: costco // skirt: shop in new mexico // shoes: mom's closet// necklace: tillys // purse: antique shop)
(left: my mother dear is stylin' too. ;) // right: even the atm machines in santa barbara were beautiful! haha)

Friday we started the day off by walking a bit, just looking around. By noonish, we were beginning to starve because we didn't have any breakfast, so we found this nice little restaurant. Joes! We got two meals to split, but it turned out to be too much! From that point we figured we might as well split one meal between us, and then maybe get deserts. ;) Yum! Below is us, with our choice beverages - sipping away! Heheh. And, of course, the restaurant. I thought it was a cute little place, and the food was great.After lunch, we walked around more. Santa Barbara's downtown is brilliant. It has every shop you could possibly think of, and a lot of great food places too (not to mention the beach is only a few blocks down from all that, as well...) We found this trading clothes store called The Closet, and I grabbed this cute gold tank top for pretty cheap, since the store is secondhand. I decided to wear it out of the store because it matched my lovely New Mexican skirt so well! :)

After that, we discovered where the local GoodWill was and scurried on over there. Two or so hours later... Let's just say I found a lot of great stuff. :) The prices were a lot better than the GoodWill where I live. I'll be sure to point out the clothes when I've got an update with them in it!
Finally, that night we went to a fancy Italian/Mediterranean cuisine restaurant! It was called Neo Chase. We split some yummy steak dish with a baked potato. It was delicious! The place was very pretty too. Although it was expensive, I would probably go there again, given the chance. :)
Thanks for reading, everyone! Part III will be out tomorrow, me thinks. Also! Today, Derek and I have been together for 10 months. :) ♥ I never would have expected this, but I am so glad! The months have literally just flown by. I think we are going to plan to do something fun hopefully soon, seeing as we can't today. But that's a different story. I'm so happy I'm with him, it's a great feeling. ♥♥

Have a nice day!
xoxo Elanor
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  1. your skirt is so pretty! I love the print and the vibrant colors in it :) The yellow is perfection paired with it. Sounds like a fabulous trip!

  2. @maggeygrace Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun. :)

  3. Wonderful pictures of Santa Barbara and of you! If you can, take a drive up to Painted Cave (take 101 to 154, left on Lookout Mountain. Or keep going on 154 and go to the Cold Springs Tavern, a stagecoach stop that's now a great burger place. Or keep going even more towards Solvang and end up at Mattei's Tavern, another stagecoach stop and wonderful Victorian building w/ a restaurant. Boy do I miss So. Cal. Keep having a great time.

  4. Wow Elanor not sure you remember me. It's been so long can't hardly believe how grownup you are. Enjoy the trip. You and your mom are really stylin'!!!


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