Santa Barbara Roadtrip! Part III

Part III! Out of IV Parts. Hope you guys are enjoying my rambles about this past weekend...!

Saturday my mom and I had a nice breakfast at this cafe downtown. She had an omelet and I had pancakes. Ah, delicious. Next, we went to the Santa Barbara natural history museum! We learned about the natives of SB, as well as all the past/current mammals, birds, insects et cetera!
The museum had an outside area where we took some pictures of us in wilderness! Haha, well not really, but sorta. I had a lot of pictures from this day, but I had to pick only a choice few...else this post would be very long! I really like this next photo of my mom and me. I love my mom's outfit, too. :)
You guys thought there wasn't going to be a complete outfit shot, didn't you? Haha, never! We found this cool little stone step area where we took some outfit pictures. This scarf, shirt, and belt are all new! Well, new to me. The scarf my mom got from The Closet, the second-hand trading store that I mentioned from yesterday's post. The shirt and belt are from GoodWill, of course! I tried out mixing the stripes from the shirt with the flowers from the belt. I thought it was a mix well done. ;)

I stuck with wearing sandals, because my feet are getting so beat up these days with the shoes I'm wearing...It's really bad. :( I need shoes that don't hurt my feet.

As for the rest of the day, we went to these "sunken gardens" that turned out to not really be anything interesting...and after that, we did some more shopping and I bought some new shoes! To be shown later. That night we were supposed to go to Mieko concert, but we accidentally didn't...! Haha... So we went to The Kids Are All Right, instead. It was...interesting. Haha...

I'd better wrap it up...! Thanks for reading! Tomorrow is the last post from my Santa Barbara roadtrip and I have really great beach and pier pictures from it...! Stay tuned. :)

xoxo Elanor
(scarf: the closet // pocket watch necklace: etsy //striped shirt, belt, & skirt: goodwill // purse: antique shop // sandals: mom's closet)
(i got this awesome humming bird skull necklace at the museum! i love it.)
currently listening to... Ra Ra Riot - Suspended In Gaffa


  1. Looks like you guys are having such a fun time!! You both look adorable!

  2. Elanor - I just stumbled on your blog - it's so cool and all. You have such a vint-lectic (def: vintage+eclectic=vint-lectic) edge to your look - but it works!
    love it love it LOVE IT.
    Hurry up and post the next chapter already. You have fans waiting.


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