Santa Barbara Roadtrip! Part IV

My final post on my Santa Barbara roadtrip. :) From now on, my posts won't likely be this long or photo full! Haha. I had so many photos from this day, too! These were my favorites. Enjoy...!

Sunday was our last day in Santa Barbara; not even a full day, though - we were driving home around 11:30ish. So we woke up, dressed and packed up, then went off to the beach. I hadn't been there yet the whole trip so I'm glad that we got to finally go! It was beautiful. I've lived in Northern California for the past 5ish years, and our beaches are not like this. Granted, Santa Barbara is sort of Southern California, wouldn't you say? Haha... Let's just say I forgot that beaches could be somewhat warm! I could take off my sweater! It was brilliant. Mmmhmm. :)
(dress: forever 21 // eagle head necklace: national park ?? // purse: antique store // heels: mom's closet // shawl: thrift town)
We walked along the pier for about a half hour, taking pictures of the shore and the wharf. It was early so there was still fog out, but the sun broke through and it was lovely out. I've got to say, I love beach photos. Almost every shot we got out in the sand looked amazing and I was so excited to make this blog post with them in it!
You've seen this dress before, but this time, NO SKIRT! Just the dress. It's kind of short, but I still think it's a very cute summer dress. With my odd-ball shawl from Thrift Town, well, I'm good to go! Not to forgot these shoes again. I'll have to put a bandaid or something over the spot that these heels rub against. Cause I certainly think they are cute & want to keep wearing them.
I hope you enjoyed my 4 day posts about my trip! I certainly had a good time, and I can't wait to go on another roadtrip next summer with my motherdearr. :) We always have fun together.

As for future posts and such, expect back to normal - everyday or every other day. And oh dear! I'm almost at 10 followers. This is so exciting! Hahaha, thanks to you all. ♥

Talk to you soon!
xoxo Elanor
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  1. great pics Elle - how do you do the effect in the corners - the black shadow/circular border effect?
    very cool!

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so cute! Love this outfit (and your hair!)! Santa Barbara looks amazing!!

    Definitely going to be following your blog lady :]

  3. Oh dear- you are just too cute! Lovely blog, and lovely song choice!

    Amber Rose of modestjune.blogspot.com

  4. Great blog - thanks for immortalizing our trip for us! xoxoxo


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