Petaluma & my boy!

(striped shirt, sneakers, vintage purse: goodwill // jeans: forever 21 // hair clip: target // humming bird skull necklace: santa barbara museum of natural history)
Yesterday, Derek and I went into Petaluma, a town about 10 miles away from where we live. I hadn't actually been there in a while, so I'd forgotten how close it was! Honestly, it's a much more exciting town than where we live, so it was great to get out. :) I had a lot of fun! We went to In-n-Out then looked around town and took photos! Derek has embraced his inner photographer and I like it! He took all of my shots! Unfortunately, most of the stores were closed because it was a Sunday. But, we plan on going back again - I can't wait! We got home later that night and watched Titan A.E and ate Laffy Taffy. It was awesome! Heheh.

I dressed super simple, but I was fine with that. I wore my new vintage purse from GoodWill, as you can see! Isn't it darling? It has that old, used, antique-y smell to it too! I thought it pulled together my look quite nicely. :)
(derek is a very pale person. he is like a ghost! gasp!)

Wrapping this up because I don't have much more to say...! My friend Jessica and I are going to try to run around and do a shoot together today. We did one before and it turned out pretty good, so, hoping for equally good luck today! I'll post on that probably tomorrow.

Oh, and one last thing. I'm going camping with Derek's family up in Washington for a week, starting Wednesday when him and I take a train to Portland before meeting up with his grandma who will drive us the rest of the way. So I'm not sure when I'll be updating next, after tomorrow's entry. We'll see!

& I wanted to thank Amanda of The Upside of Wonder for adding me in her Looks I Love on August 8th. Also, it made me so happy receiving all those sweet comments, and new followers! I'm so excited for what's next!
And with that, have a good day!
xoxo Elanor
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  1. These pictures are cute. I love your bag! And stripes are always perfect :) Derek is adorable! How long have you been together?

  2. Such a cute and casual outfit, I love it! You look so pretty though, sounds like a fun day to me!

  3. I love your hair - it's awesome.
    And I can't wait to see the photos from the new shoot you're doing with your friend!

  4. what an awesome blog--love your outfits!

    Erin, www.buttonsandaccordions.blogspot.com

  5. Love your outfit! I love when bags have that old antique smell to them. Oooh, especially when it's old leather!

  6. Cute outfit! Your bag is nice, i love all the colors! Hope you have a blast on your trip!


  7. i love your style so much, you really rock the navy-vintage look!
    following :)


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