Nothing-To-Do Saturday.

(romper, ralph lauren polo sneakers: goodwill // necklace: tillys // bracelet: gift)
I hope you guys like the changes to my layout! I stayed up later than I meant to working on it... And I don't believe I'm finished yet, either. There are still more adjustments I want to make. But the credit to my header photo goes to my lovely mother - who took that beach shot in Santa Barbara. :)

Anyway, I'm wearing my "new" GoodWill clothes today! I got these both when I went there the past two days. The dress looking things is actually a romper! Funny, because I didn't even know it until I tried it on. I really like it! It feels vintage-esque and it's great for summer-time fun. Oh! And of course these shoes. I called them keds in my last post, but that is just what I call these kinds of shoes... These are actually Ralph Lauren Polo sneakers. My mom told me that she had a pair super similar back in the 80s! Hahaha. :)
I found a little shaded cove down by the marsh area near my house to take these photos. Never before had I been here so it was nice to have a new location. I haven't been doing much where I actually could document my time with photos - so this is all I've got. I'm hoping to change that somewhat soon though. Hmmmm.

I did AP summer homework today, and that was about it. Lots-o-fun. Ah, and I walked my neighbors dog/fed it/watered plants. Woohoo! Makin' money! ;) Tomorrow I'm getting up early to sing in church, as well. I'm not sure if I'll post tomorrow, or if my next date is Monday. I suppose we'll see!
Oh! I almost forgot! I actually ended up getting a lot of stuff from GoodWill yesterday, soo, I may make a post tomorrow showing off some of that stuff if I don't do an outfit post.

Thank you guys so much for your comments and feedback. Even if it's not much yet, I appreciate everything.
xoxo Elanor
currently listening to... Nothing, actually! :o


  1. Hey I just found your blog, you are super adorable! I love this dress =)


  2. It's official. I love your blog. I'm crushing on it :P

    Your dress is adorable! Well, romper, I guess, but it looks so much like a dress!

  3. Totally agree with the above comment, adorable blog and great style! I am now your newest follower <3

    xo Lynzy

  4. Aw I love it! Cute romper. I never did get one this season.. too bad summer's almost over :)


  5. I was going to say "AHH i love this dress" but I can't believe it's a romper! So cute, the print is fabulous. I love these photos and the new layout! Good job lady.

    Oh gah, I remember soph. chemistry (even though it was 5 years ago!) I think that's why I hate college chem, we didn't do ANYTHING in my soph. chem class.

  6. I love the dress/romper, can't believe you got that from goodwill!

  7. Awesome pictures! And I absolutely adore the color and print of your romper. I never find cool things like that at goodwill!



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