First Weekend.

My first weekend off from school was rather busy, to say the least! Minus Friday, though. Haha. Saturday morning I drove with Derek's family up to Humboldt county for a wedding. It was quite the party! Haha. We stayed in a hotel and the next day we drove home. However, not before stopping at "Confusion Hill" in Piercy, California. It has a gravity house, which is obviously quite "mysterious and confusing!" Hehe, it was silly and fun. :)
(vintage blue rose dress: aburgine // vintage navy heels: goodwill // sweater: macy's // vintage purse, pearls: antique shops)
The wedding was out by the ocean - on a cliff! It was truly beautiful and the bride and groom looked very lovely. They had dogs running around while the ceremony was going on, too! I was almost afraid they would jump off the cliff, but they didn't luckily. Haha...

I decided to go vintage on this wedding day. :) It turned out I wasn't too warm, though. It was so windy and chilly out by the ocean!
When we went to Confusion Hill, I went super casual. Just my skinny jeans and Flight of the Conchords band tee! Oh, and as you can see in the "gravity house" photos below; I stole Derek's flannel, of course. :)
Hehe. Fun weekend! Now I'm back to school, and AP, and great fun! Bahaha. Seriously. Well, this next weekend is a three day weekend which is great, and then Tuesday is my birthday! Yes, that's right, I never mentioned it! Yep, I'm turning 17. Whoo. Actually it feels really strange. I feel like I should be 16 still. I'm not ready for 17!

Goodnight, all!
xxoo Elanor
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  1. You've got two lovely outfits here. I love that vintage purse and the backdrop of those first photos is stunning. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. I love your blue rose dress. It's gorgeous and the gravity house looks amazing. I want to try that :)

  3. What an amazing place to have a wedding! I laughed on your comment about the dogs. I always feel the same way when I see dogs riding in the back of pick up trucks...what if they just jump out on the highway?! Of course, that never happens.

    You look so cute, I adore your wedding ensemble...and early happy birthday!!

  4. It looks like a wonderful place to have a wedding.. and that light blue dress is sooo pretty!

  5. I love your bag and you look so pretty in plaid.

    You're followed hun, follow me back. ;]


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