Lump Sum.

I got my hair trimmed today. Also, since some of you commented on it in my last post - here's sort of a close up on my braid. Amanda from The Upside Of Wonder told me that it's called a Jedi braid! Honestly, I had no idea what it really was called. I just knew that I liked it. Well, here it is. It's still growing, obviously. :)

Also, I thought I'd post this video below. The song is Lump Sum by Bon Iver, and the video is really beautiful. I wanted to put this up because the band I'm in is going to cover this, and I've been learning this song all day. It's really quite lulling and pretty.

xxoo Elanor

Sights from the Appalachian Trail from Caleb Schnarr on Vimeo.

currently listening to... Bon Iver - Lump Sum


  1. Love the haircut! Hahaha, I dunno if it's actually called a jedi braid...but that's what I always thought of it as, since I remember they had them in Star Wars!

  2. Haircut looks good!

    Haha, I also think that its called a jedi braid. One of my friends used to have one and he would call it that as well lol.


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