9 o'clock start!

(skirt, & belt: goodwill // shirt: forever 21 // necklace: h&m // boots: vintage store in seattle)
It's Thursday! Gosh this week is going by so slowly. I guess that means I'm back in school. Heh. I took these photos yesterday morning before school. We start later on Wednesdays (9 o'clock), so I had a bit of time. :)

I really liked this outfit. Everyone always comments on my skirt and says, "Where did you get that?!" And I chuckle and say, "GoodWill!" They don't believe that I bought a cute skirt from GoodWill, and then hemmed it, I guess. But anyway, the color is so pretty and I thought it went nicely with my cowboy boots.I need to get my haircut! I feel like it's getting long. Haha... Also, I don't know if any of you have noticed my little braid thing I've been doing (it's tiny, so you probably can't see it too well...). Maybe I'll just take a head shot sometime soon so you guys can see it. But anyway, about that - I plan on growing it out longer than the rest of my hair! I don't know if you guys/anyone like(s) it or think it's weird; but, I know I like it. So whatever! :)

Talk to you soon!
xxoo Elanor
P.S. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I'm going to try my best to respond over the course of the next few days...! :)
P.P.S It's me and Derek's 11 month anniversary today!
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  1. Yes please post a picture of the braid in your hair! It sounds awesome.

  2. Oooh, is it like one of those Jedi braids?! So awesome! You look great lady, I love that skirt! I wish I dressed that cute back in high school!

  3. eleven months?? AWWW. that's so cute. SO cute. hehe. I hope I get to that point! In a few days, it'll be my...four month. Haha! Which seems so lame, I know... but it's my first "real" relationship so I take pride in every day hehe.

    I love your skirt! I love when people compliment what I wear and I'm like...goodwill! Two dollars! And they don't believe me. It's not just for the frumpy! I love what you did to this skirt and your boots are adorableeee.

    (I think I have a blog crush on your blog...)

  4. I went to UO today and I was so intrigued by their boots. Yours look so great with this. I also love the details on your belt =)


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