First Day Of School!

(dress, belt: goodwill // pocket watch necklace: etsy // bracelet: a gift // socks: payless // shoes: forever 21)
Hello readers! Welcome new readers! I'm finally here to post and update and all that exciting stuff! School started yesterday, and I thought I'd tell you a bit about that amongst the photos I took of my First Day Outfit!

This year's schedule is difficult, but I do like it as well. I have 7 periods (I had 8 last year, and the year before, so I'm happy!). Two of which are AP classes... AP language and composition and AP US history. Other than those two, I'm taking advanced treble choir, rockband, physiology, Spanish 3, and... Pre-Calculus. Whooo fun! ...Heh.
So this is what I wore the first day. :) My lovely thrifted, 90s floral print dress was finally taken out of the closet again - and I threw in my socks and oxford! I got some compliments, which was nice. Hehe.

It is so ridiculous. As I sit here typing; I'm baking so bad! Monday decided to be 92 degrees, and today was a record-breaking temperature of 96 degrees or something?! I wonder why the hot weather decides to spring on us the week that we have to go back to school. I'm sure it'll cool down by the end of this week though... and then I'll be wishing it was warmer out... pshhh....
I got these shoes from Forever 21. I like them a lot, but Forever 21 seems to be the new craze. Seriously. Forever 21 and H&M. They are both good stores with great prices, but now every girl and their mother at my school wears these two store's clothing. And that seems like it. Hrrrrm. :/

But ANYWAY...! My kitty Zoey is so cute! I managed to grab her in time for the 10 second timer on my camera! (I still have no remote...)

I'm still figuring out how I'm going to have a routine for updating. The workload seems heavy... but I know I'll figure out how to manage and keep this thang running.

xoxo Elanor
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  1. Such a cute outfit! It's great for the first day of school. I hope the weather cools down for you soon.

  2. I think this is a lovely back to school outfit. I love grunge floral dresses and the socks and oxfords are another of my favourite looks so you're just winning me over everywhere with this look!

  3. Heyy!! You have an awesome blog :) And this is such a pretty dress, hope school goes well

    L x

  4. Aww I'm jealous of your thrifted find! I really love your style and I want to be best friends haha. I love the socks/shoes combo tooo!

  5. Aw love that print, so sweet!

    It's kinda funny that 96 is a high for ya'll...I think it was 96 here today and everyone was like "OMG it's finally cool!". It's been 107 the past week or so...blah


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