Last day of summer.

(pea coat: goodwill // dress: forever 21 // pearls, & vintage purse: antique store // boots: thrifted // socks: online?)
Well, technically tomorrow is the last day of summer. But today was the last day to do anything. It started out rough because of a few things, but it potentially improved! I actually had a successful last day. :)
I went to the Art and Soul Festival in Oakland with my family and we met up with my parent's friends. I was going to go with Derek too, but stuff happened and he didn't end up coming. But it was fun anyway! :) We went to this fest in particular to see Cake. That's right, Cake! I love Cake, though oddly, I haven't downloaded any of their newer music... I should get on that 'cause they played some of it today and it was great!
We left after Cake was finished because they were the last show I think, and that was around 4. Derek contacted me around then and we decided to meet up! We ended up walking to the store and buying the ingredients to make Butter Beer (from Harry Potter, of course!). I would give you guys the recipe... but it wasn't too good. :( It was much too sugary! Maybe if you like that... but I don't. After that we watched Dawn of the Dead, the 1978 version. Lovely evening! Hehe.
The photo above... This little gal is Sophie - my dad's friend's daughter. I've decided she's quite fashionable! She's only 7, but just check out her cute skinny jeans and darling scarf! Heheh. I decided to put her picture up here with another of mine. :)

Anyway... School starts Monday! I have no idea when my next post will be! We'll see when I'm situated and available to post again... I gotta see the homework load and all that jazz.

Hope you all had a nice Saturday!
xxoo Elanor
currently listening to... Lily Allen - I Could Say


  1. That looks like such a fun event! I love how you paired bare legs with boots, it really works. the coat is so sweet too.

  2. hold the phones, that bag is amazing!! Is it a Dooney Burke?


  3. Cool event! I love the dress and coat. Super pretty!


  4. such a cute look! love your hair! :) x

  5. Looks like a great time! And the outfit is equally as great! Have fun with school starting back up!

  6. Bleh, school. The first day just isn't as fun as it used to be! Glad to hear you had fun though at the festival!!

    Oooh, bummer about the butter beer. I made pumpkin pasties last Halloween (which were amazing!) and I was going to make butter beer, but couldn't find a good recipe. Oh well...

  7. LOVE your pea coat with your dress AND with the shoes. Perfect!!

  8. Great post! We did have a terrific time - and you looked awesome! Loved the pic in the train tunnel! Sophie was a little fashion plate - who was that cute man in the pic behind you when you were standing at the top of the steps?? xxoo


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