Just let me sing you to sleep.

I'm back! Got home yesterday at 10 pm. Eeek! My trip was lovely, but there were too many photos to put here, however, I put my favorites of Derek and me. :) My favorite is, of course, the first photo of us kissing. We never get good photos of both of us, so I was super excited when this one turned out perfect...

Sorry if this whole blog post is gushy and romantic and cheesy and silly, but it's how I've been feeling! Heheh, that could be what spending 8 days with a person can do. We had a few little bickering moments throughout the trip, but overall, it was amazing that we could spend so much time together without wanting to kill one another! That's always good, I've got to say. Hehe.
I shall not say every little thing we did, but an overall description is this: we camped with Derek's mom's side of the family up in Mount Rainier, which is in Washington. I hadn't been camping in a number of years, so I was rusty! But it was fun!

These couple silly photos below are of a day where we had run around all morning hiking, and looking around, and cooking over the fire... And this is us around 5ish! We were lightly napping in the tent that I slept in with Derek's sister and cousin. Well, napping as in taking photos of us looking sleepy and funny! Derek looks just about ready to pass out. Hahaha...
On the drive home, we stopped in Winston, Oregon to drive through a 600-acre safari! Twas exciting! Hehe. The most interesting were the ostriches and these cute, furry bears! They seemed to be the most active. This guy swam around with a bucket for a bit before lumbering around to see his other bear friend! Good times. :)

I'm about ready to pass out myself now, so I'll wrap this up. School starts the 23rd, and I'm going into Junior year...! Sheesh, I'm nervous yet excited! I'm going to need to figure out how I'm going to be doing outfit shots during the week, so bear with me as I learn the ropes of blogging and schooling at the same time. Heh.

Have a great Thursday! And thank you all again for your continuous support!
xoxo Elanor (P.S. 30th post! ♥)
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  1. AWWW. AWWW. AWWW. (Now imagine about 30 more and that's how I feel looking at these pictures)

    Where do you live??? I live in Idaho! So close! Rainier is only a few hours away from me! i think you're the closest blogger to me I've ever met!!!!! Now proceed to imagine hearing EEEE over and over again and that's how excited I am hahaha.


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