Birthday. :)

Just a short entry... wanted to just say a word about today! Started off a little rocky of a birthday, but the day got better. My friend baked me a cake that I would take a photo of; but regretfully, it has sort of caved in on itself! My friend Jessica brought other treats at lunch and another friend made me a very lovely artistic card.

My parents decided that they want to pretend that my birthday is the 9th...(not gonna explain, hehe) so Thursday is when I'm going to "celebrate" with my family. Though tonight we went to Chevy's and it was yummy and now I'm full! : )

This is somewhat of a filler entry. I plan on posting soon, hopefully, about Monday. I got some photos from my day.

Oh! And look what I found on urbandictionary.com. Hehe:

Thrift Whore
September 7

1. a person who shops at many different thrift stores, thereby often finding wonderful deals.
2. One who feels the urge to brag about every single piece of crp they find at a thrift store.
Becky is such a thrift whore- she found a flying horse for a dollar!

I prefer to think of myself as the first option... :)
xxoo Elanor

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  1. HAPPPYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY! :) you are seriously at the top of my favorite blog list. I should really get unlazy and update you to my "daily dosage" exclusive hehehe:) ahaha.

    if I had your address, I'd send you an awesome origami birthday card:)

  2. Awe Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had an amazing day :)



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