The Revival Process...

(shirt: costco // skirt & belt: goodwill // purse: antique shop // hummingbird skull necklace: santa barbara museum of natural history // shoes: mom's closet)
Feeling better today! Mostly because I fixed the bX-error thing just by switching templates then switching back... sheesh, easier than I thought! Still have a cold, but oh well.

Didn't do anything today! My plans for today with Derek were switched to tomorrow, so be prepared for a post about that either tomorrow night, or Tuesday. ;) Speaking of which, Tuesday is my 17th birthday! Eeep!
This is the first time I've worn this skirt since I bought it over the summer. I love pencil-like skirts! It's really great and refreshing to not have such a short skirt. I think I'm going to look for more like these for this fall. Maybe a denim one. :)

This photoshoot went alright - though I feel like my expression is dead for all the photos I got. Ah well. I did just wake up from a nap/doing homework when I went out to take these around 5:30...haha.
Gosh! One thing I've noticed about my outfits and my style and everything is that, I end up buying a lot of clothing, but never enough shoes or accessories! It's actually concerning. I end up wearing the same jewelery a lot - plus, I'm getting so bored of my shoes. I guess that's what I've got to remember to shop for from now on. You guys must remind me!

Hope everyone had a nice Sunday, and, happy Labor Day!
xxoo Elanor
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  1. such a sweet outfit :) if uve time stop by my blog ive got a great giveaway running, you can win shearling lace up boots!! :)

  2. You must remember to buy shoes :) I love the pattern on your skirt. It's very pretty.

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