Peacocks & a pop of orange.

(dress, & vest: forever 21 // shoes: goodwill // necklace: confusion hill gift shop // purse: antique shop)
Hello readers! Ahhh it's been so long! :( Between getting a bX-code error from blogger on the 1st, and getting this super nasty cold, my past week wasn't too amazing. The error is still there and I still can't edit my layout/template/etc. As for my cold, hopefully it'll be gone within the next couple days...

I was planning on taking photos Wednesday morning again before school, but I desperately needed the sleep, so that's another reason why I didn't get more posts in this week. I'm kinda disappointed with myself and stupid blogger. Agghh.

But anyway, I got a couple decent shots today, but nothing I am too happy about. That's why there aren't many here. Oh, and also, I'm almost to 200 photos on flickr.com, so they are going to make me buy the 25 dollars a year thing, I'm sure.

I'm sorry that this post is not too excited... Hopefully I'll be back to my normal self soon enough.
xxoo Elanor
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  1. Hehe, I love how you match the peacock. And yay for blue and orange, my favourite mix of colours.

  2. Love the dress, the print is gorgeous!

    I don't think Flickr will make you pay...I got to the 200 mark a LONNNGG time ago. All it really does is delete your older photos as you keep adding more to keep it at 200. I mean, if you wanna save them I guess you will have to pay, which kinda sucks. But most of mine are outfit photos and I have em all saved on the comp. anyways. I'm rambling.

  3. oooo, yah i thought they wouldn't show up on my blog anymore either if they got deleted...but it turns out they do! I'm sure upgrading gets you a lot of perks though so you probably didn't waste the money. I'm just too cheap to upgrade ha

  4. I love this!! Blue looks so good on you and those shoes add the extra 'pop!' :) you are so pretty..and your bangs make me jealous!! x

  5. Your description of the outfit is perfect! And I love the outfit itself; the dress is gorgeous! And you found an actual peacock!


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