Strawberry pin-needles.

Hey guys. :) I'm currently curled up in my room after talking to Derek on the phone, having just come back from the gym. I finished most of my homework earlier so I decided to edit these photos from earlier today and make a post! I'm so proud. Definitely my resolution to post every other day or more, if possible. I also want to start making my posts more interesting and following other topics/other discussions. Suggestions?

I wore this dress here as a skirt - did any of you know that it was actually a dress? Hehe. Surprise. :) As it is getting chilly (though, actually, not so much yet...maybe it's not fall after all?) I decided to wear this sheer tunic/dress/shirt under the summery straps of this dress. I thought it was quite interesting and different from what I normally do! Success!
I got the necklace I'm wearing here from Claire's for my birthday! Isn't it weirdly cute? It's like a strawberry...but pin-needles...! I really enjoy it. Here's a slightly closer view of it. You'll be seeing some new jewelry for a bit as I got quite a bit for my birthday. No new shoes so I guess I'll have to go buy those myself, eh? ;)

xxoo Elanor

P.S. does anyone know the css/html for making the spaces between my photos smaller? help!

dress: goodwill
tunic: target
oxfords: vintage store in the haight
strawberry necklace: claire's
currently listening to... The xx - Heart Skipped A Beat


  1. Eeeeeep! I love your green dress so much! <3 The color and design is perfect for the tropics :D (where I live, actually.)

    I hope you like my jumpsuit post too :)

    -Gayle from www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com

  2. Oh wow, I honestly didnt think the 'skirt' was a gorgeous dress! Aqua and teal are some of my fave colors. You look pretty, lady!

  3. The floral shirt with the dress is very pretty. I'd never have guessed it was a skirt in your other post. I love it as a skirt.

  4. That dress is such a lovely colour and it works great with the floral undershirt.

  5. Haha I had no idea this was actually a dress! But I love it nonetheless :) You look gorgeous in that color!

  6. That color is really great on you! I love that you layered it too.

    I say just keep writing how you're writing! I love hearing what you have to say or what's goin on in your life. You're so fabulous :]

  7. your layering is so cute. and i realllllyyy like your hair! :)

  8. aww that little acorn necklace is adorable! : )

  9. Hey, I was just letting you know that I'm tagging you in my "Looks I Love" pos today! Hope it's okay :]


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