Gosh! I haven't posted in so long! Everything has been so busy around here. I am going to find a routine for this blogging business, though! I've got to! :)

This outfit is from last Thursday, the 9th. I just didn't have time to edit these photos and make a post about them! Ridiculous! I really enjoyed this outfit, though. I ordered this skirt online from Urban Outfitters over the summer when they were having their huge sale! Along with a romper, my purchases came to $16. I call that a good deal. :)

I thought this headband and polka dot tights pulled the look together nicely. Oh! and my riding boots. I love those things!
I'm beginning to think fall is definitely upon us, my friends. Well, at least where I live... The temperature is dropping and it is getting dark earlier! (although, the latter I dislike, sort of...) I wore tights again today, and I'm thinking I'm going to need to buy some more. Along with many of my friend bloggers, I think my fall/winter colors are going to be forest green, tans, deep golden tans, among neutrals and other dark colors.
Anyway, I'm definitely going to start posting more. I'll try my best! I want it to be regular Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday/Sunday, or something like that.

Hope everyone had a good Monday!
xxoo Elanor

feather headband: hot topic
necklace: etsy
black 3/4 shirt: ??
skirt: urban outfitters
tights: target
riding boots: vintage store in the haight

currently listening to... Arcade Fire - Suburban War


  1. Yayayay! I've worn variations of this outfit so many times which makes me so happy because I feel like we are similar hehe :) But you added long boots which I've never done! I may have to now! You're gorgeous.

  2. Lovely outfit, love all the little details like the polka dot tights and the necklace. The riding boots look great with it all as well. I'm definitely looking forward to that fall palette, mine sounds pretty similar with some navy weaved in too.

  3. i love this outfit.
    i am a huge believer in mixing up patterns all over the place.
    you look beautiful.
    i love your blog. :)

  4. Oh, this is so cute! You are too adorable. I agree, the headband and tights definitely pull the look together.

    And while fall may be upon you, it is far from starting over here! Bah

  5. Nice look. The skirt is great ans I like the fact, that you combined it with dotted tights. It's rather rare, that people combine two patterns in one outfit. But I'm absolutley for it. i'm a fan of patterns. Love your look.


  6. Love how you've mixed these patterns and those tights! Ugh, so good :)


  7. Hey El - whew - lovely - bellissimo - sorry, when I'm very moved I turn to Italian to express myself. Just catching up on your last weeks worth of posts - ver cool outfits, I like them all and want to remind you to buy more shoes. Yes that's right in case you forgot ... which I'm guessing you didn't ... please please visit the cobbler for some peds. Oh and don't forget to accessorize. Bella, Bellissimo

  8. Nice skirt! I really like the zipper detail. Perfect for the fall! You are right, last week in L.a was super cold, which made me feel like fall was going to finally stay. However, this week has been soooo hot! Fall is just a tease lol.

  9. I love everything about this! The skirt, the tights, the headband, it's all perfect!

  10. P.S. I added this to my inspiration wall:)


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