Remember to Give Love.

Hey peoples! :) I took these photos yesterday and now I'm posting! It's fabulous. Haha. So, Monday at my school was actually very depressing and serious. Last Friday during lunch, five kids from my school got in a car accident. Alcohol was related and one of the boys died on impact. Two others are in critical condition, and I think the other two are okay. Many people really didn't know what to say Monday because of this death...but the teachers talked about it and didn't do their normal teaching that day. The kid who died was a junior, like me, and I went to middle school with him, even though I didn't know him very well.

What's really sad about this whole accident is that just last year, my high school did a program called "Every Fifteen Minutes". It's about alcohol and drinking and driving. This program went on for two weeks and they did a life-like skit (crashed car, blood, bloody bodies, etc) where virtually the same exact thing happened that ended up happening on Friday. It's horrible.

Overall, this whole thing really made me think about what I have in life and makes me want to be a better friend, girlfriend, daughter, and anything else that I am. It makes me want to cherish those I hold close to me and never let them go. It makes me want to go out and befriend people who I normally wouldn't. Give love. Give love. Give Love. I don't know... but what I do know, is that things like this really make you think. I hope you guys, my school, and just anyone, can think too - make good decisions and be the kind of person that deserves to be alive. Though really, who actually deserves this life we were given? It's a gift; a miracle from God; something that needs to be treasured.
Wow, I didn't mean to get so into that. But I think it's an important thing to think about.

Anyway, my favorite part of this outfit is this denim shirt/jacket thing! It's my mom's (hehe) but I think it's safe to say we'll be sharing from now on. ;) ALSO! I stole her watch too. Bahaha, I'm such a fiend!

Hope you all are having a lovely day!
xx Elanor

striped t-shirt: ??
gray skirt, & wide flower belt: goodwill
oxfords: forever 21
denim jacket, & old wrist watch: mom's closet!
necklace: a gift
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  1. aww, that's so tragic :( Thank goodness the others are okay! We had a similar, actually, very similar occurrence last year...and the year before, and the year before. We were starting to think the seniors were cursed as it happened to a senior every year for 4 years. It's so sad! But it really does make you think, you know?

    Love the stripes:)

  2. what a wise post. my high school did a similar program my junior year where they staged a car accident, and a girl 'died' and they had a fake funeral for her, and the guy who was 'drunk driving' went to prison, and they made a video about it. they also would come into classes and 'kill' people in the class for the percentage of teens who get killed because of alcohol related accidents. it was a really eye opening experience. i'm so sorry for the tragedy at your school, i'll keep those families in my prayers <3

  3. that is so horrible! it really upsets me when i hear stories like that but i agree with you that it helps up appreciate what we have and who surrounds us. i genuinely wish you, your school, and the families involved a healthy recovery.

    but anyways on a lighter note, i just came across your blog and i love it! you have a lovely style and your just too cute! im a new follower =]

  4. Hi Elanor! Thank you so much for your comment and for following. This outfit is really sweet.

    That is such a sad story. It's a little unsettling when things like that happen and make us re-evaluate what we are doing in life.


  5. I am SO sorry to hear about the guys at your school. It's tragic when people die, and even more tragic when they still have a life yet to live.

  6. Your outfit looks great. The stripes look fabulous!

    It's always such a horrible thing when something like that happens, especially when it's a classmate. It's really a big reminder of how fragile everything in life is. Very wise post girl.

  7. Sucks that happened to those kids. It just really sucks how some people don't realize how dangerous drinking and driving can be.. especially when you are really young and you aren't mature. Hopefully this taught many people something... At times God allows bad things to happen so that others can learn from it.

    Anyway, I like the stripes and the denim jacket. The perfect outfit for summer!

  8. sorry to hear about your classmates, thats just awful.

  9. just came acroosss ur blogg n love it!

    ur new reader follower !


  10. Awe, that is so sad. Something similar happened when I was in hs, these group of guys ditched a pep rally and went off roading but got into a huge accident. I think one of the kids has permanent brain damage, the guy driving had been secretly drinking during classes (I know, what??!). Quite tragic :/



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