1 Ghosts I

Hey guys. Thanks so much for the comments on my last post about the accident last Friday at my school. I hope my message hit home...

This week has been pretty "mehh" to me. I've been feeling pretty off and discontent with everything, it feels. Which sucks, cause I am not really discontent with everything. Sigh. Oh well. How are you guys doing? One thing that is exciting me is all my new readers, however! 33! How loverly! :3
I wore this yesterday. I haven't worn this dress in a long time - since here, actually. I sometimes like it, but sometimes I dislike how I look in it. These shoes are fun, but painful after a while, of course. The belt, necklace, and ring are all new! Which is lovely. I've always wanted a belt like this, so I finally decided to just get it.

This dress is actually a minty green color, but it looks lighter in these photos. Ah well - I quite enjoy the details on this piece. I got it from Goodwill a year or so ago! I went to Goodwill today with two friends, also, because it was a minimum day (back to school night). I got a few nice things, and a pair of shoes! So excited about those. Haha. I may or may not make a post about the goodies tomorrow. :)
I don't have much more to say, unfortunately. It's kind of late now, and I'm just feeling tired and et cetera. :( Goodnight, all.

xx Elanor
P.S I'm in a "Ghosts" Nine Inch Nails mood. Such strange music.

mint vintage dress: goodwill
green kitten heels: thrift town
wide belt, & ring: target
necklace: claire's
currently listening to... Nine Inch Nails - 1 Ghosts I


  1. heyy theree! i just came across ur blogg n love it:)) im following :))

    anywayy,, lovee lovee the mint green dress with the beltt!!


  2. i love everything about this outfit. especially that dress! what an amazing find!

  3. thats a cute little sophisticated number you have on


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