Oh! Happy Day!

Happy Saturday! I'm definitely feeling more positive than in my last post, those of you who read it. I think school and all the stress related to it just was getting me down. I kind of have trouble not spiraling down when I think of stress related things, so that's kinda how I usually get upset and stuck in a rut. But anyway! Today I'm much better and I've got stuff I'm looking forward to.

These are photos from yesterday - Friday. Thursday I went to Goodwill as I mentioned, and I got this skirt and these brogues-like shoes! I was so excited when I found these shoes, in particular. Great find, I must say. You will probably be seeing them a lot this fall! :) Along with these purchases, I bought another skirt, a dress, and a blue and white collared sleeveless shirt like the one here! And there's the kick - everything I got was 50% off, so the total cost of everything was 13 dollars. I love thrifting.
Friday, after school, I tagged along with my mom to go get blood work done at the hospital, then we shopped around a bit for a present for a friend's birthday. Later that night I saw The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole with my best friend, Jessica. The animation was amazing, to say the least. The plot wasn't developed that well/not correlated exactly with the books, but I still enjoyed it. Plus, I hadn't seen a movie in so long - it was great to finally see one with my bff! :)

Anyway, today I'm going to Ikea with Derek and his family, which will be a straight adventure I'm sure! I can't remember the last time, if any, that I've been there. And, tomorrow is me and Derek's one year anniversary! Gosh, time flies. I love him.

Have a lovely weekend, please! ;)
xx Elanor

white v-neck: ??
skirt, belt, & shoes: goodwill
necklace, & bracelet: claire's
socks: payless shoes
currently listening to... The sounds of a Saturday morning.


  1. great shoes! great find,, cant wait to see the other thrift finds :)


  2. Cute shoes, what a great Goodwill find!

  3. HAPPY ONE YEAR :) I hope I get there!

    Your skirt is loveellly. Boy do I miss Goodwill!

  4. oh it sounds like you had such a fabulous shopping trip!!! i love the goodwill so much!! i love your shoes adn that skirt is adorable!!

  5. Your shoes are adorable. I LOVE them. They are an amazing find :) I love your photos too btw.

  6. Loving that skirt with the socks! Pretty as always =)

  7. Glad to hear you're feeling more positive, trust me darling, I totally hear you with the whole school/stress thing!! As for the outfit, I loveee the length of this skirt and your shoes! Goodwill = bliss. And happy one year anniversary :)

  8. Happy one year! how exciting :)
    your blog is too cute..I cant believe Ive never seen it before, but I am so glad I found it today! hehe. I love those shoes and your skirt. Hope you have a great week! x

  9. So glad you came along with me that day! I always love your companionship - <3 This is one of my favorite outfits - the shoes are about the best find yet!! Those shoes new would cost a fortune (well, a lot!) and they are in perfect shape! xoxo


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