1 Year. ♥

On Sunday, for our one year anniversary, my boyfriend and I spent the day together. We had a sort of pic-nic at the Cheese Factory out in the old backroads of our town. It was so hot, but we got cool drinks so it was okay. :) After that, we drove to Petaluma, a town about 15 aways from us, where we strolled around the downtown. They were just wrapping up an antique fair when we arrived! Unfortunately, many vendors had already packed up everything and had left. :(

After this, we went to Powell's and got some candy for the movie we were going to see! Easy A. It was very funny, though the plot line was highly unrealistic...hhaha.

I'm not too fond of most of these photos that we got... and I also didn't get to take all the ones I had originally wanted to. But oh well! Win some, lose some. I did, in fact, enjoy my outfit that day though. :)
Albeit we do fight, and we are not always a happy couple, I truly love Derek. He knows what to say and knows what makes me laugh. He's quirky and strange - yet so am I... Together we are even stranger, yet it works. I know that I'm very lucky to have him. :) I can't wait to see what happens next!

Have a lovely day,
xx Elanor

vintage, hand-made dress: vintage shop in seattle, wa.
pearls: antique shop
belt, purse, & boot shoes: goodwill
currently listening to... Nada.


  1. sounds like an absolutely lovely day. i love that dress, you look adorable. and by the way i just love your dimples! your just too cute

  2. Aw, you look so grown up and sophisticated. Congrats on the big one year! The beads are the perfect touch to the dress for me.

  3. adorable!" you guys really seem in love, thats the cutest thing!
    i love your dress by the way, its so classy!
    congrats for the one year dear ,xx

  4. You look so sweet and vintagey in this outfit. It really works for you! I love the pictures.

    And congrats on your one year! Sounds like you had a good time. I always love it when anniversaries are spent doing small, low-key things, because really, that's what a relationship is all about.

  5. congrats on your one year!!!
    how wonderful..love is so amazing! <3
    i loooove this dress, so chic and classy.. & the photos are wonderful!!!
    you look absolutely beautiful!!!

  6. Aw, cute :) That's cute about you and Derek. I'm glad you had a good day! Take advantage of it tehe :) Niklaas and I are long distance and I soooo miss these days:)

  7. I love your dress and purse! You look seriously lovely :)
    And congrats on your one year anniversary!

  8. what? Your blog is ADORABLE! Why haven't I seen it before! You have such nice pictures, outfits, and EVERYTHING. Oh, it's been decided. You are going to my "favorites" right now. Presto! You are now in my page and I will read your blog everyday :)

  9. Ahh congrats! And you look beyond darling! I love everything about your outfit, including and especially your bag!
    Definitely following as of now. <3

  10. Congrats on one year!! I'm loving your outfit. Super cute!

  11. this dress is just so very beautiful on you, the color suits you ever so well...happy one year ..x ♥

  12. congrts !! :DD

    u look adorable wearing such a lovelyy dress


  13. Congrats on a year! It looks like you had a lovely day

  14. I like your style! You're cute.


  15. cograts on the 1yr :) i freaaakin love your outfit!! check out my blog if ya get a chance! and follow if ya like.giveaway ends oct9

  16. I love your dress with the board games!

  17. congratulations on your one year! you're very lucky to have a boyfriend to take outfit photos for you :) and i must say, i'm becoming slightly obsessed with your dress collection.


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