You can't kill Heros.

Hi there lovely readers. :) I wanted to give a great big thanks to all of you now following me! I've gotten a small blast of new readers in the past few days. You don't know how happy it makes me! So, thanks so much. Hehe.

Today was a good day, and a bad day. Good because it was a late start day (9:00), good because my rockband class went well - we have a concert on Friday! I'm nervous yet excited. It's strange. Today was bad, however, because I wasn't feeling too good, unfortunately. My stomach has been bothering me, and so has my head. I really hope tomorrow I feel better. (I can't exactly miss school though; I never let myself.)

But anyway, after school I spent some time with my love, and we just relaxed and such - some down time. And, voila! I got him to take some photos of me around 5:15ish. We didn't get that many, but I enjoy how these ones turned out. :)
This dress is one of my newer Goodwill purchases! I got it with the skirt & shoes in this post. Such great finds; I'm still stunned. But, oh gosh! Remember how I said fall was here? Well guess what? Apparently I'm a big liar! This whole week has been in the 95s+! So not used to this. I guess summer wanted one last chance to shine before actual autumn kicks in. But, my point is, I was rather hot in even this dress, today. Oh well... I guess more short sleeve stuff for the rest of this week?

I have been falling behind on my commenting, responses, and et cetera! I'm so sorry! I've been running around lately, with one thing or another. I'm going to try to catch up as soon as possible.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday!
xx Elanor

dress, & belt: goodwill
shoes: mom's closet
necklace, & bracelet: gifts
currently listening to... The Spill Canvas - Bracelets


  1. I love this dress girl! It's so beautiful and flowy. Hopefully you don't get sick. It's always around this time of year that I end up getting sick too....sick of school, haha!

  2. oh it is such a pretty dress!! i love the two different patterns in it, i hope you are feeling better!!

  3. I love the music you listen to! Your style is so cute! And I don't know! I just really love your blog. You'll have 100+ followers in no time :)

  4. So when I say I think we have the same dress, I am being completely serious!! I got mine from goodwill toooo! The dress here:
    http://life-size paperdoll.blogspot.com/2010/09/save-yourself.html

    Like...it has blue flowers instead of red, but it has the exact pleating and little flowers in the pleats like this one!

    I love this dress to death!

  5. Cute dress, I cant believe you scored that at Goodwill, makes me wanna go to my local store and search the racks for awesome finds like this

  6. This is an extremely cute dress, and i love the way you've styled it. You look great :)

    You're very lucky to have a boyfriend who takes your photos for you!

  7. that dress is so gorgeous. what an amazing goodwill find!!

  8. Hey! So glad you commented because your blog is as darling as can be! I just read a bunch of your past posts. Your style is amazing and you have fantastic vintage finds. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  9. sweet dress - i love florals!
    cute blog btw i'm a new follower too :) x


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