Fashion Is Danger.

Hello lovelies! Sorry I haven't been able to post since Wednesday...! Thursday I was studying for exams for Friday... and Friday was my rockband performance! Pretty exhilarating. I'll talk about it a few photos down from now. Be prepared, this post is a bit photo heavy! Hope you don't mind! :)

I've been really liking long skirts lately, although I only have two. I've decided that I must go thrifting soon to find more of these! I thought my flower patterned belt added something sweet to this outfit, as do the boots. Hope some of you agree...!
So, about rockband. It was my first actual performance! (other than violin recitals, and choir performances.) I was really excited, but as the evening went on, I got more and more nervous. But finally, when our band, Time Travel, went on right after intermission - I just went and we did it. I didn't forget any lyrics and there wasn't any other horrible malfunctions that I was worried about! I was actually having a lot of fun by the time of our third song. Gosh... maybe I can be a performer after all? Hehe.

Anyway, my parents got these photos below. I think a professional photographer that comes to all of my school's events took photos too, so when I get any of our band, I'll post them up on Missing-Lovebirds!
Anyway, tonight my parents were supposed to go see The Flaming Lips, but my dad asked if I wanted to go with my mom instead. So I did! Wow, what a show! They had an incredible live show. Let's see... balloons, confetti, people in animal outfits, strobe lights/other lights, huge hands, a space ball that the lead singer floated around the crowd in.... laser pointers... among other crazy stuff! It was really interesting. Haha. I had fun. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! See you soon!
xx Elanor

shirt: costco
skirt: ??
belt: goodwill
vintage riding boots: vintage store in the haight
pearls: claire's
leaf necklace: forever 21
currently listening to... Flight of the Conchords - Fashion Is Danger


  1. wow, love how you mixed the skirt and boots. and did you see Flaming Lips? i wish i could watch them perform someday. Flaming lips is my all time fave band. <3

  2. I am loving your blog more and more every time I read your new posts! Keep up the good work! and it's awesome that you sing! :)

  3. Oh, congrats on your performance! That really takes a lot of guts to perform in front of people like that, I bet you sounded great!

    Your outfit is fabulous and that last photo of that flower is gorgeous :]

  4. Your performance sounds so cool, congratulations! I love that bright pop of green in your outfit :)

  5. oh my goddd I love flaming lips! Since 9th grade! eeep!

    You look so cute in that long skirt. I could never pull it off.

    I SO wish I could sing.

  6. nice pop of colour.

    By the way, my mum breeds love birds. Just thought I should let you know.

  7. Last year we were going through your clothes and you wanted to dump that black skirt (you've only had it for about 6 years!) but I said NO - you never know when you'll be needing a long black skirt! Aren't you glad you listened to your wise Mom?! That outfit rocks... :)


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