Autumn Wishlist...♥

I've been having fun lusting over clothing and such online recently, and I decided I might as well show you guys my autumn wish list from Urban Outfitters and Modcloth!

The Base Two Tone Saddle Boot seem like something I'd wear a lot during the fall and winter months. I'm dying for new boots, and these are perfect in my opinion! I like the two tones, as the name suggests. They seem like such a good, sturdy boot.

The Minimarket Boot Office boot is just so pretty. I love the fringe, and the fact that the boot is both black and white makes me want it even more. Agghhhh so lovely.

Though the Surplus Shirt doesn't look too incredibly insulated and warm - I just love this style. I should probably look into a thicker jacket similar to this, because this military trend is really making me happy. I definitely want to jump on this boat!

Alright, you guys. I'm just warning you... I think I have to get the Pendleton Messenger Bag. The second I saw it on the website, I knew it. The fabric and print are so so so amazing and I do in fact love messenger bags. So, yeah - I actually might get this one! Spend the $128 dollars. Agghh. I want it.

Vasia by Ulla Johnson Silky Lace Inset Dress might be one of my favorites in the New Arrivals. This forest green is so autumn to me, and I love the delicate neckline detail dearly. The drawstring waist is precious too.

Finally, the Cooperative Corduroy Suspender Skirt is darling! It's so classic and I can see myself wearing it all through the winter. The buttons going up the front are my favorite part. Love it.
As for Modcloth,
The Cutie Pie Dress really is a cutie pie. The shade of blue is so darling and again, this collar is adorable! I wish it wasn't out of stock, and I had $50...hehe.

The Like a Fine Wine Tights are sort of a show of the tight staple that I want. Especially the knit kind - and, gosh, COLORS. I would really love colored tights for the colder months coming up. These wine colored tights look simply yummy and warm, and I'd love to own a pair.

Skipping Stones Dress - I like the wide sleeves on this one, and the print is fabulous. This I feel like could be worn into spring, once it rolls around - yet, also it seems like it could be a fall/winter dress too. What do you think?

And finally, the Harney Peak Boot - I've been lusting over a pair of boots like this, too. (As you can tell, I'm interested in boots right now...) The heights seems great, and I love the lace up style. Too bad these are sold out too... :(


Sorry no outfit post today! Tomorrow I'll have one, I believe. :)
Have a nice Monday!
xx Elanor


  1. the bag is simply awesome :)!

  2. The cutie pie has been on my list for a while! I just adore it! And I want that suspender skirt from UO toooo! Could it be cuter:)?

  3. I love your Wishlist! Thanks for the great inspirations. It's a very lovely Blog you have here!:) xx, Alice from bells and whistles
    Ps: Feel free to check out my Blog and if you want to follow me I would be so glad!:)

  4. Let's hope that some wealthy lady who shares all your same tastes will get sick of her cute clothes and boots and we'll find similar pieces at our fav thrift stores! xo


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