Until the stars fall,

Good evening, ladies, gents(?)! :) How's your week going so far? Sheesh, it's only Tuesday! I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, even though I'm being faced with swamps of madness, it seems. Ah, that is life. I feel so boring though - I feel like I should have more to tell you guys about what I'm doing. But what I'm doing is going to school, doing my homework, seeing my friends and boyfriend at school... and that's it. I mean, weekends are a little different - but it's hard to do stuff on the weekends and then blog about it! Ahhh. Life is moving so quick.
I think I grabbed these photos at a near perfect hour today. I decided to go to the park just a house down from mine, hence the jungle gym, hehe. It was better than my normal porch location. I wish I could actually go places to take photos! Grawrgh! But this'll have to do.

I randomly found this jean jacket outside our local movie theater. My mom was like, take it home. So we took it home and washed it and - bam! New jean jacket? Is this strange...? ;)

It's starting to actually cool down, I believe. Which means NOW I can say autumn is upon us...? Haha, let's hope I'm not fibbing again. I can't wait for tights and boots and cardigans and scarfs and hats and et cetera...! I think I may drag my mom or a friend to the city to try to go thrifting this weekend. I need to start a search!
Hope you guys don't mind the heaviness of photos in this post! I like all of these too much to not show them... :) Also, ignore the holes in my tights. I need a tight update quite bad, as you can see!

Late start tomorrow... 9 o'clock! Hurray! I should probably get all my homework done so I can get more sleep tonight, though. Thank you all for reading - it means the world!

xx Elanor

dress, belt: goodwill
necklace: a gift
bracelet: claire's
flats: forever 21
jean jacket: found it! ;)
tights: ??
currently listening to... Eisley - Room Noises album


  1. I love your clothes! How do you find them! I would love to go shopping with you :)! Take care and have a nice week! my week gets really boring as well, but boyfriends make everything better :D

  2. I love this outfit Elanor! It's one of my favorites of yours. Haha, the jean jacket story is silly, but it looks great with your outfit! And I completely adore your shoes.

    Time really is moving by fast isn't it! I swear, it used to go a lot slower than this...

  3. you look beautiful.
    i love this outfit. the tights are perfect with this outfit.
    the pictures turned out amazing.

  4. i love this outift! ive found random articles of clothing in public places too. one time i found this really beautiful scarf and i took it home and washed it too. so i dont think you "new" jean jacket is weird at all =]

  5. cute outfit and i love your necklace. Its lovely

  6. Your blog is adorable and so are you! And you pull off those tights SO WELL! Whenever I wear (or try to) tights, I feel like they look silly on me.

  7. I really like that second to last photo! The sun rays are so beautiful. I can feel the warmth.

    Ps - Hope you are doing well friend!

  8. Oh, these pictures are great! Especially the second to last one, the lighting is so cool. I love your dress and tights and shoes! And room noises by eisely is such a great album :) anyway, i hope you're having a wonderful week, lovely!

  9. I hope the person who lost their jean jacket doesn't read this blog! :/

  10. I can't believe the story about that jean jacket! It's gorgeous! What brand is it? Love you! Auntie Em


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