A Yummy Snack

Hey friends! :) I've been wanting to push myself into eating healthier, and trying not to snack so much. And if I do snack, then let it be somewhat healthy. So this is what I came up with! Almonds and craisons! My dad suggested it the other day and after munching on it today after school... well, let's just say I was taken! :)

It's a very easy and tasty snack - which obviously are both essential to busy, hungry people, haha. All you need are: craisons and almonds! See how easy it is? ;) Also, I might recommend some water or a beverage of your choice. You may get thirsty! At least I do.

What's great about this is that it's crunchy and salty yet also sweet and sugary. In my opinion, eating only almonds gets a little boring, as does eating only craisons. Together, you get the perfect mixture.

I figure if I'm going to try to find better snacks than chips or candy and such, I might as well document it. ;) So food posts may become a tad bit common! But who knows...! Do you have any suggestions of yummy, but healthier snacks? I'd love to hear from you.

xx Elanor


  1. This is what I eat every day! I can't believe it! There's someone out there who actually eats the same snacks that I do :D

  2. Ooo good choice : ) I love almonds.

  3. Oh I love your blog so much! :) Almonds are one of my absolute favorites. I swear I could eat an entire bag in one sitting! I just never know how to stop when it comes to almonds. I know what you mean about trying to eat healthier. I have jumped on that band wagon, too! I just never used to eat snacks, and when I did, they were just chips and burgers. I have been eating so much gaucemole lately, and crackers with cheese! (preferably brie cheese..:)) Hope you have a great week beautiful. x

  4. yum! totally healthy and delish! i could eat dried cranberries on anything!

  5. I wish I could reach for almonds when I get a hunger fit but my hand has a mind of its own and it usually reaches for ice cream

  6. I LOVE almonds and craisins! Almonds are hands down my favorite nut and craisins are so good (well, i just love cranberry anything) but weirdly enough I hate raisins with a fiery passion. Cheers to eating healthy! :)


  7. mmm... nuts and berries....


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