Shorter and Colder Days.

Good evening! The days are getting shorter, and colder and colder - I can't believe it's already the end of October! I'm sad because I feel like I've missed a lot of fun beginning of fall activities. I've read a bunch of blogs where you guys are going on hay rides, drinking cider, and carving pumpkins! Gosh, where have I been? I wonder I can get anything in this week before it's November...

This Friday is the Big Band Dance at my school! It's where the jazz bands play, and it's kind of an old fashioned swing-style dance. I never go to the regular dances, but I always go to the Big Band Dance! It's a lot of fun! Derek, me, and all my friends are going. It'll be great! And I have the perfect dress to wear... ;)
On to my outfit... a romper in October! Why yes! My favorite little piece; it was a great thrift find. Pairing it with my news gray tights I thought it achieved a colder weather outfit feel... :) I still need to get thicker tights before we get deeper into the fall and then winter! It doesn't snow here, but I'm always pretty cold anyway...

As you can see, I'm still trying to get new locations for my photos. Thanks for holding on for this ride, lovelies. ♥ It's supposed to rain this weekend again, but I'm going to try to get more outfit posts in!

Have a great night!
xx Elanor

blue flowered romper, & heels: goodwill
forest green sweater: all vintage everything event
gray tights: marshall's
necklaces: claire's
currently listening to... Gorillaz - Plastic Beach


  1. Oooo the Big Band night sounds awesome!! I wish we had something like that at my school. Jazz is so much more fun to dance to.

    Ps - You look adorable :D Blue is a great color for you!

  2. oh i love your romper!! the colour is so pretty!! and i have been dying to find a army green cardigan like that (very envious) i have a hard time finding good quality cardigans in the thrift stores where i live!!

  3. i love that romper on you, these pictures are just wonderful!

  4. that's suchhh a gorgeous romper! i'm so jealous! What an amaazzzing find. And I've been searching for a green cardigan to!

  5. the color of the romper is wayyy to beautiful !

  6. that dance youre going to sounds so fun! I wish they had those types of dances when I was in school rather than the requisite grind-o-thons that were the norm. Yikes D:


  7. very cute outfit and you still have time to join in the fall activities. Cant wait to hear more about the Big Band Dance. Sounds like it will be a blast from the past :)

  8. I adore your romper. The colors are beautiful and looks lovely paired w/ the tights and cardi. That dance sounds like soooo much fun!!

  9. i love the prints! and your hair is really pretty! :)

  10. You have the most fabulous hair and adorable style. Love the print of the romper and the way you paired it with the sweet, slouchy cardigan! Cozy cute.


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