1000 Cameras.

I know what you're thinking! Where have you been? Haha, or maybe not - you probably didn't even notice I haven't posted since last Thursday! ;) I had a busy weekend, and absolutely no time to update! Also, Saturday and Sunday were rainy rainy rainy! But anyway, about this post. Friday, my friend Jessica, her mom, and I went into the city to see "1000 Cameras" - a display of cameras made out of all sorts of different items by a man named Jo Babcock.

He literally creates working cameras inside of objects such as the ones below. It's so crazy, and very strange! After that, we went to another art showing a few blocks away for a bit.
(Above right (and the very first photo) is a photo of a bridge taken by the orange van camera in the photo on the left!)

Before leaving the city, we went into China Town to an asian restuarant called "100% Sweet"! I had strawberry crepe with cream and strawberries and ice cream... :) It was delish! Very fun night altogether!

How was your weekend?
xx Elanor

P.S. Sorry for all the layout changes recently! Just tweaking till I get it good. ;)
P.P.S Outfit post tomorrow! ♥
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  1. Oh my gosh! I cannot tell you how jealous of you right now. I would love to go to something like this, but I am so glad that you got to go! What an experience. eeep..I want to come hang out with you! Hope your week is great. xo

  2. wow what a clever guy to come up with all those different cameras


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