Rain's a Comin'.

It's finally almost Friday! I feel like this week has gone by pretty slow! Maybe it's just me. I'm getting excited because it started sprinkling an hour or so ago! It's supposed to rain tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday! Yay! Finally! This is what our normal fall-winter consists of in Northern California....rain (when we aren't in a drought, that is!).

Today was mostly lax - I went to Noah's Bagel with Derek for lunch. Bagels are so good. Why do they have to be so bad for you?! :( Lovely day anyway - except, of course, prepping for my exams tomorrow! I have scary in-class essay for my AP US History class tomorrow along with a Pre Calc test! Eeep! I'm nervous. Tonight I'm going to a study session for math, so I'm hoping I'll get some help with that.

On another note, I'm actually really excited for Halloween! Usually I'm not because I can't get a costume together on time (I know, right? The girl who likes fashion doesn't know what to do for Halloween...) But this year I know what I want to be! I just have to get a few things for it now... :)
So, let's just say I really like this here outfit! The skirt is from my thrifting trip with my mom a few Fridays ago. It's a bit small, but it was seriously about $1.50 - I had to get it anyway. I got this sweater for my birthday back in September! I have been trying to save it, but I finally wore it for the first time yesterday! I like the stripes and such. Oh...and of course, my favorite shoes ever!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm going to try to enjoy myself, no doubt. ;) Talk to you soon!

xx Elanor

face shirt: zara
striped sweater: forever 21
paisley print black skirt: thrift town
skinny maroon belt, & brogues: goodwill
necklace: claire's
tights: target
currently listening to... Silence...!


  1. Cute! I love the outfit, especially the sweater. The color is lovely on you.

    Good luck on your tests!


  2. Good luck with all your school stuff tomorrow! I'm sure you'll be fine :)
    And I'm in total agreement about the whole bagel thing. I love bagels, but since I'm on weight watchers I can hardly ever eat them. Boo!
    Anyway, i LOVE your skirt (can't believe it was so cheap!) and shoes!

  3. I love this outfit!
    The sweater is great and the tee is so fun!
    Cant wait to see your costume.

  4. You look fantastic! I love everything about this outfit. And that skirt is such a gorgeous steal.
    Good luck with your exams! I'll be looking forward to seeing your costume. <3

  5. loving those tights! Cant wait to hear more about your Halloween costume

  6. Bagels are also so cheap to buy! I love them I wish they were better too. By the way love the cardigan!

  7. You're a beautiful girl.
    And your pictures have such an element of wonder and magic.


    stay lovely
    <33 amy <33

  8. very cool sweater! I like your style... you have a certain... I don't know... je ne sais quoi!


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