Sun Shine

Hello dears... :) Derek just dropped me off, I'm home now from school, and I figured it was time I updated my blog a little earlier than 10:30 at night! These are photos from what I wore yesterday. I think that is how I'm going to do it. One day, take and edit the photos; the next day, write and blog it.

I've been sorta sad with many things happening in my life lately, including this blog to some extent for various reasons, but I'm trying to be positive. I'm playing with the layout still, because I feel I still don't have it how I want it. And I'm also playing with photos - trying to get the lighting and setting right. This shoot was a success, I believe. For that, I'm incredibly grateful!
Tonight I have a choir performance at the district office in my town - the school board picked us to perform for them! What an honor! ;) We are singing Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho - a pretty intense song. Hehe. Wish us luck!

Oh & I finally won a giveaway! I was/am so excited! Maria, of Lululetty, was giving away a locket from With Care, an etsy shop. When I receive it, I'll definitely add it to an outfit and show you all!

Have a great Tuesday!
xx Elanor

dress, & leaf necklace: forever 21
vintage blouse: thrift town
tights: marshalls
belt: target
oxfords: vintage store in the haight
watch: mom's jewelry
antique silver necklace: vintage bank mall in petaluma
Isn't this necklace pretty? Derek and I went to Petaluma on Saturday and looked around antique stores. He bought me this! My mom polished it up when I got home. The cuts in the silver make it shine! It's so lovely.

Also, hence this collar! Isn't it cool? From Thrift Town in SF, this blouse is vintage GAP! :)
currently listening to... Dirty Projectors - Rise Above


  1. These pictures are stunning! I love when pictures turn out how you want them to. Does Derek take them all or do you?? Regardless, they are lovely and so is that blouse! eeep! I want it:)

  2. beautiful pictures love.
    i love the sun rays in them. so lovely.
    i have this same dress. you styled it so well.
    i need to start wearing it more often.
    congrats on the giveaway..winning is def more fun than losing..lol. :)

  3. I know what you mean about struggling with outfit photos. For some reason I can get everything else to photograph well except when I use my tripod! It's so frustrating.
    But these turned out really well - I love the sunlight in them. And what a great guy to buy you a necklace!

  4. sorry that things are a bit down at the moment - chin up :)
    These photos are gorgeous, the lighting is perfect x

  5. I love these pictures! Your outfit is adorable - as always :)

    Congrats on winning!!

    Kenzie Faith

  6. I love the colours on that dress, so pretty and autumnal! :)

  7. cute outfit and the necklace is very pretty. I really like the lighting in every photo

  8. Such gorgeous photos, I love it when pictures are flooded with golden light! The lace collar on your blouse is the best, by the way :)


  9. these photos are so gorgeous!!! i love the lighting!!! i can never seem to get that just right. you dress is so cute, i love the print!! and the collar on you shirt is so adorable!!

  10. Hey! To answer your question from a few weeks ago (just catching up with responding to comments), Alameda Flea Market is on every first Sunday of the month indeed :) You should check it out. It's next Sunday. If you go, keep warm and hydrated. It can get super windy there! But it's amazing! Public transportion sucks, but if you have a car, I'm sure it's super easy to get there and free parking!

  11. I just stumbled across your blog and it's beautiful! Everything about these photos and your outfit are simply gorgeous, as are you.

  12. Wow these photos are so dreamy, the quality of light in then is just gorgeous. I'm sorry you've been down about this blog lately, I think it happens to the best of us so you are not alone! I really like your necklace. And Thrift Town? One of my favorite thrift stores in the world!


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