Simple Melodies.

Just an hour from Friday, over here! I'm posting so late that most of you will probably see this on Friday, anyway. Oh well! :) This is Thursday's outfit post, hehe. I actually found time to run out into the street and take these! First time with this location...haha...something different?! YES!?

So, I just needed to post these photos but that's all I can write about right now - sleep is calling me! Have a great friday and a great weekend, loves!

xx Elanor

grey v-neck: target
denim jacket: mom's closet
aztec-like skirt: nordstrom's
white keds: goodwill
eagle head necklace: a national park
bracelet: claire's
currently listening to... Dixie Chicks - Top of the World


  1. Cute outfit, really loving the keds.

  2. Ah! i love the design of your skirt!
    You look adorable. =]

  3. Love this outfit! You are tooo cute.

    Www.kenziefaith.blogspot.com x

  4. Such a babe! you seriously look so good in every single one of these photos - and I need a denim shirt! SO badly! x

  5. The light in these pictures is so beautiful!


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