No One's Got It All.

Lovelies, ♥. Hope you all had a nice Wednesday. I did... : ) It was my "easy day" at school, where I only have treble choir, Spanish 3, and rockband classes. They are all 90 minutes still (we have a two day per week block schedule at my school), but it feels shorter and easier. This afternoon I spent some time with my boy, finally. We used to hang out one day after school, but this year has been more difficult because he's busy with various things.

It's hot again, so I have yet again lied about autumn. It's so odd! Last week was chilly, this week is hot, and the weather says it's then going to be chilly again next week... Pshh, I'm giving up on being able to predict when fall is actually here. Gawsshhh.

About my last post - I'd love more advice about nice cameras, readers! I know you all use cameras one way or another - please let me know what you would recommend! I would appreciate it a lot!

I'm going to try to have another outfit post for tomorrow, but no promises... I have exams on Friday and lots and lots of homework... Eeep!

xx E

dress: thrifted (f21)
vest: ??
sandals: ross
pocket-watch necklace: etsy.com
bracelet: store in the haight
currently listening to... Regina Spektor - Hero


  1. LOVE your outfit. Red looks fab on you! I was so hoping that it wasn't a one off dress, but alas! :) Glad you got to spend time with your guy. Weather is always weird :p

  2. This dress is adorable! You look great :)
    I also love the song that you're "currently listening to"! :)

  3. that dress is the cutest. i love the collar.
    you look fabulous.
    good luck on your exams love!

  4. Love your red flirty dress
    As for the camera I use a Nikon CoolPix L100 and love it!

  5. That dress is awwwwesome. I love peter pan collars!

    www.kenziefaith.blogspot.com x

  6. you look wonderful...i love your dress and necklace!

    as far as cameras go, i don't know much! i have a canon rebel xti that i bought from a friend when he got a newer camera. i still haven't mastered how to use it, but i do love it! i know this isn't much help.

  7. LOVE the red. Ah, it's so gorgeous on you!

    Good luck with your exams, I have three in the course of the next week and a half. Bleh.

  8. Cute dress!
    I love that it is thrifted. SO cute!

  9. I love that cat!! Did you get it at a thrift store?? Do you think I may find one just like it if I look around? What a super accessory - always in style - a true classic :) xoxox


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