Hey people. Sorry for no outfit post. I have been frustrated with my camera lately, as well as setting etc. I think I may splurge and buy myself a nice SLR or something.

Can anyone give me suggestions for cameras? What do you gals use? Thanks!

I have a music gift to you all today! They are called MoeTar, rather different than anything I've heard before. An alumni who teaches rockband showed them to me Monday. Here is the first song off their album, From These Small Seeds:

<a href="http://moetar.bandcamp.com/track/dichotomy">Dichotomy by MoeTar</a>

Enjoy! I think I want to add a weekly post about something to this blog, you know, like "music of the week" or "looks i love", "inspiration", et cetera! Any ideas about what you readers would find interesting?

xx Elanor


  1. oh i love my dslr camera!! i don't know why but i just feel so much better taking photos when i have it then my tiny little Canon i used before. I think i feel a bit more professional or something! i bought a Canon Rebel XS which was pretty much the cheapest one there but i still love it :). Definitely shop around though i found there was at least a fifty dollar gap between the same camera!!

  2. Hey Elanor. We just saw that you posted this. Thanks so much for spreading the MoeTar word. We're booking shows for 2011 now and hopefully we'll get an all ages one in there soon. Take care,
    Moorea - singer for MoeTar.


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