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It's Sunday! So, as I promised, I have a recap of Saturday. Derek and I went on a picnic at his old elementary school. Hey, there's no other grassy, shady areas in Northern California, it seems, than at school fields! Hehe. It brought up many conversations, though. We talked a lot about our childhood and life back in the day. ;)
We had cheese on flatbread crackers with avocados! It was delicious! Oh, and guacamole chips. Hehe. Those are quite yummy too...guilty! And of course, I brought some almond and craisins as well. It was a very nice picnic.

We drove around for a bit after that and went on the backroads to see some cows and have some driving-music time. :) And later that night we ate a small dinner and watched a super strange sci-fi, Splice! It is sooo weird. But good, too...! (In a weird way...)
I got this lavender sweater shirt thingy from Thrift Town on Friday! As well as this little bag. :) The purse is Eddie Bauer - it was probably, originally, a hiking bag or something. I liked it though. And it was a couple dollars, haha. This skirt is actually long, but I pulled it up and turned it into a dress, voila! Though obviously it still looks like a skirt here.

Now back to School tomorrow. It's been a fun weekend. :( I hope this week goes by as quickly as last week. Next weekend is the PSAT and homecoming weekend. I don't know if I'm doing either. Heh. I'll keep you all updated. And as always, thanks for the support! ♥

xx Elanor

brown skirt/dress: ??
lavender sweater, & purse: thrift town
moccasins: thrift store
necklace: a gift
currently listening to... Cake - I Will Survive


  1. Thanks for following me! Your vintage style is so cute! Love the skirt:)

  2. aww this sounds like a really sweet day, and i love your skirt :) x

  3. I love your thrift finds :)!!!! And your haircut is adorable :)! I always wonder how it looks on the back, but it probably looks adorable :)!

  4. aw, this sounds like such a cute and fun day! all that food looks so delicous!

  5. cute outfit and it looks like a picture perfect Saturday

  6. Aw what a fun weekend! I'm glad you found some shade :D

  7. Oh my gosh, you are the cutest thing ever. Your comment made me laugh because I totally talk to my mom about everything all the time. I told her yesterday she was my only friend haha. So happy your a new follower! I am going to do the same.


  8. Love the vintagey feel of this whole outfit! Especially that skirt... it's so pretty!

    PS: AVOCADOS... mmmmmmm



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