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Hello! First off, it's election day here in the U.S! I'm not 18, so I cannot vote - but I encourage all of you who are to go make your voice heard! Remember that we, as women, only gained the right to vote a mere 90 years ago! And although it is a right, is is also a privilege. Take advantage of the abilities we are lucky to have, and be knowledgeable about it, while you are at it!

And second... I am officially a licensed driver! I took the behind-the-wheel today and I passed! :) I was nervous and my belly hurt all day - but I remained confident in myself, and sang this song in my head throughout the day...hehe. :) Everything went great, though.

These photos are from last Friday! I wore this to the Big Band Dance. Sort of 40s themed - swing dancing, jazz; that sort of thing. This dress was another one of my finds at Thrift Town in the city. ;) Three dollars, I think? My favorite.

Hope you all are having a lovely week, so far!
Tell me something you are looking forward to that is coming up...! :)
xx Elanor

dress: thrift town
vintage pearls: antique store
tights, & flats: marshall's
pork-pie hat: target
currently listening to... The Sound of Music soundtrack - I Have Confidence


  1. What an amazing dress, I love it paired with the pearls and hat. Congrats on passing!

  2. Congratulations on getting your license! & I love that dress!

    KF x

  3. I absolutely loooove that dress! What an awesome find!!!

    Congrats on your license! Feels liberating doesn't it? I can still remember clearly my first weeks as a licensed driver. Sweet memories. :) Enjoy and be safe!

    Oh! and thanks for following me, i'm following you too {of course!}:)

  4. such a cute outfit, i love it!! i love your blog, very inspiring :)
    i'm not following!

  5. congrats on passing your test...love the dress and pearls

  6. This dress looks like it was made for dancing! congrats on passing your driving test :)

  7. Wow, you've got a new fan! What a great blog!

    Paloma Vintage Giveaway!

  8. Now following as well :) Your style is great, girl! I absolutely adore your hair- and those colors are fantastic on you!

  9. I absolutely love your haircut!! I am way to much of a chicken to cut mine! You have such a lovely blog! Thanks for the follow and I am a follower back!


  10. you have such gorgeous thrifted dresses! i am seriously envious over here. congrats on getting your license!

  11. hey pretty girl--congratulations!!! The behind the wheel test was honestly one of the most nerve wracking moments of my life (and I failed the first time!).Also, the print on your dress is so great :)


  12. What a gorgeous dress....love it:)
    just found your blog..wanted to say HI...congrats on getting your license....soooo exciting!!!

    Stop By and Say Hello♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  13. This dress is gorgeous! You look so perfectly vintage :]

    And congrats on getting your license! I bet that's so exciting, you have a whole lot of new freedom now! Just make sure to drive safe ;]

    Oh, and you are listening to one of the best soundtracks ever by the way


  14. I know that you made this entry a while ago, but I love this dress on you and it's pretty!


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