There Is A Light that Never Goes Out.

November has come. :) Yes, I'm a few days late - but I figure I may as well exclaim it anyway. I'm not that into Thanksgiving, but time is flying so it'll be December before we know it. I'm a little nervous! I need things to slow down. How do you guys handle becoming overwhelmed with life? Sometimes I feel like I'm falling behind and just getting dragged around day-to-day.

This is my outfit from yesterday. I was all excited to be driving to school - but as it turned out, I couldn't have the car. :( Hopefully by next week I'll be able to have it and everything. Unfortunately, in these photos, you can't quite see the details of my shirt because of the lighting, but it's light mint green with extra white fabric details. I really like these brown tights - I'm still trying to get more tights, but these are rather new still and brown is foreign to me, but I enjoy it! What other color tights should I look for to get? I really want some colors.

Some breaking news/exciting stuff... I have 51 followers! You all make me so happy! I'm so thankful for your support and kindness. :)

Have a great Thursday night!
I'm off to a pre-calculus review session and then, hopefully, to catch some zzz's!
xx Elanor

mint green t-shirt: target
skirt, oxfords: forever 21
jean jacket: found it!
floral purse: "all vintage everything" event
belt: goodwill
brown tights: marshall's
necklace: market in santa fe, NM
currently listening to... 500 Days of Summer soundtrack


  1. such a cute casual look! If you had a jean skirt on you'd be wearing the female equivalent to the canadian tuxedo...a fine look! haha. I'm so glad I found your blog! I love it.

    I need to get me some burgundy tights, those are next on my list!


  2. Yay for new followers! Isn't it great to make new friends? I love it.
    Ps - I love what you're listening to :D Great soundtrack!

  3. I have been wanting some yellow tights for a while now!! I'm not sure I can pull it off but I'm certainly going to try :)

    Have I mentioned I love your hair! ?
    It's adorable!

  4. oh wow i'm so jealous of this! that bag is absolutely amazing.

    tights that im looking for are mints, pale colors, and mustard-yellow (that sounds so grossss haha, but that color is amazing!) and perhaps a burgundy color.


  5. ZOEY!!! I love the action shots!! Can you believe we found all those awesome belts at GWilly's? (that what I'm gonna call Goodwill from now on!) xo


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