Sushi... :)

It's a slow Friday night tonight, my friends. My excitement started and possibly ended with my dad bringing home sushi! (now he's gone again to party with his friends...pshh) I haven't had sushi much before, but my opinion is now concrete - sushi is delicious! :) I'm still trying to eat healthier and such, but as it turns out when I do that - I end up not really wanting to eat. Ahh. I must learn the ways of healthy, yummy food. Any suggestions?

I'm going to a birthday party in the city tomorrow, and gotta go buy a present! I'm off~
xx Elanor


  1. I love sushi! I think I had sushi about 3 times this week!

    The key to eating healthy (I'm currently a nutrition major) is to surround yourself {at home} with healthy foods. Such as: Whole wheat breads, natural juices, organic meats, Whole wheat cereals, no processed meats. That way, when you're hungry at home you won't end up eating lots of junk. Your choices are healthy ones.
    When you eat out, choose places that you know have healthy foods. And of course avoid most fast foods places....
    anyways, that's usually what I do!

    sorry. that was by far the longest comment ive ever left anyone! lol

    have a good one!

  2. Yuuumy! I love sushi! The only bad thing about it is that I can never get full from just eating that. I always have to order a side of rice. Weird huh?

    I dont know of any healthy tips other than eating at least six small portions a day. It is supposed to make you less hungry? Anyhow, what do i know? Julianna gave really good tips.

  3. I agree with Estefany - if I'm gonna fill up on sushi I have to eat TONS of the stuff!


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