SF Birthday Party!

Good evening, lovelies! I had a fun day today. I went to a potluck birthday party in San Francisco and roamed around the street stands all afternoon. My friend Tegan turned 17 in the beginning of October, but now she finally had a party to celebrate it. Everyone brought something for lunch so we had yummy pastrami and/or tunafish sandwiches, potato salad, macaroni salad, bagels & cream cheese, chips, and of course cookies. :) It was all very delicious! Afterward, we shopped around at the little craft booths/homemade jewelry/art/et cetera.

Below are some photos from another girl invited to the party - she has a nice Nikon camera. Ah how I wish I could get a new, good quality camera instead of my little powershot. Sigh... ;) Tegan is the one to my right wearing black and white with the adorable bow in her hair! So so so cute.
(Jessica and me. I really like this picture. Heheh. ♥)
After we got home, Jessica and I decided to go to the mall to see a movie. I swear, I haven't been going to movies at all lately! I don't even know why. :( We saw, It's Kind Of A Funny Story! Really cute and funny, but sad too. I enjoyed it, though.

I threw together this outfit this morning as we were running late to catch the fairy - but as it turns out, I believe I succeeded greatly! I don't know what you think, but I like this outfit. When getting Tegan's present yesterday, I saw this scarf. It reminded me of the one Avalonne of The Girl From HK, LDN & SF wears (it may even be the same one/brand!) and I got it! I decided the color was fabulous and I love scarves... so voila. :)

Also, as you can see below, I got a button ring! (as did Jessica; hers is on the right, mine is the left) I thought it was such a quirky, unique concept. It was kinda expensive, especially after Jess and I realized we could probably make these ourselves. And yah know what? Maybe we will! Some wire and a button...not too hard, right?!

Hope you had a lovely Saturday! Talk to you soon!
xx Elanor

scarf: target
vintage GAP blouse: thrift town
skirt, belt, & brogues: goodwill
tights: marshall's
vintage dooney & burke purse: antique store
ring: street stand in SF
currently listening to... Nada!


  1. I do agree this outfit is a success. The scarf is a lovely colour and I adore your shoes too. Good choice on the button rings too, looks like you had a great time.

  2. That first photo of the building is awesome, love the angel of the shot! San Fransico looks lovely and that button ring is very one of a kind :D

  3. Love this outfit! You have such great style.

  4. How fun! :)
    You guys all look so golden and happy!

    Anyhow, lovely button rings, lovely blog, and lovely gal. Wishing you a wonderful week (and enjoy your extra hour today)!

    Amber Rose

  5. sounds like you had a blast!
    I like your skirt sooo much! I wanna steal it from you. Ohh and the color of your coat is beautiful =)


  6. Aww, it sounds like you had such a lovely day!
    I love the color of your scarf, so perfect for fall :)

  7. you have such great style. it sounds like such a fun day and you look absolutely lovely!

  8. these photos are nice! You gals are all so pretty. Hope you had a spectacular time.

  9. Aww hey thanks for mentioning me and my blog! Yeah the scarf looks similar to mine, but I actually got my one from Forever 21! Oh Happy Birthday to your friend! Happy day!

  10. ahh jealous! I have been up to the bay in so long--it looks like you guys had a blast :)


  11. this looks like so much fun, and i love your purse <3

  12. I so wish I had a good camera too!! Imagine the possibilities!


  13. Love your photos and your outfit ! :)
    I wish i could go back to san fransisco ! It's such a beautiful city !


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