Think of Me

What do we do with "guilt"? What do we do with remorse and uncertainties for the past? Should we live with no regrets? Is that the best way? Or should you feel troubled but try to ignore these feelings? Or do you disregard them and move on? Questions, questions.

I wore this outfit yesterday - it was a good day; I felt as though I did well on the tests/quizzes I took, and fairly well on the tests I got back. I'm happy. :) Also, now that I can drive, hopefully I'll be finding good locations for my photos! I wasn't sure when it got dark anymore, so I went out a little late yesterday to take these photos - but hopefully they're still good!

My mom had a box of her old vintage clothes from when she was younger, and I went through it and found a few things - including this red blazer. It goes with a skirt suit set, but I liked it alone with this dress. Also! These are probably the highest heels I've worn to school - not sure how I feel about it. Some bloggers have said heels are not to be worn in the school setting, but some say it shouldn't matter with someone's own personal style. I feel as though I agree with the latter.

How was your Monday/Tuesday?
xx Elanor

dress, & belt: goodwill
tights: target
heels: borrowing from jessica
vintage late 50s/early 60s blazer: mom's closet!
currently listening to... Cake - Never There


  1. Oo cute jacket and dress!
    I wish I had time to write about your first paragraph, but all I can say is that going through life without messing up is not going to happen. It's learning how to learn from mistakes in the past to avoid them.

  2. You look positively lovely-not that that's anything new.

    Guilt. Meh. It truly is the green monster.

  3. Vintage clothes from the 'rents are always so great! I just wish my mom kept more of her clothes -_-


  4. That last picture remind of when I was in Scotland. We stopped at a place overlooking a lake and there were hundreds of them! It was pretty cool.

    As for what camera I use, it's your run of the mill canon point and shoot (powershot sd600 to be exact), 4 years old and barely holding on still. I photoshop the bejesus out of those pictures. Proof you don't need an expensive camera to take nice pictures!

  5. I wish I would have kept a lot more of my old finds from the Sal Army and St. Vinnies from the late 70s and early 80s. That was pre-Ebay and vintage clothes from the 40s through the 60s could still be found. I had about 6 cashmere cardigans (round-neck, waist-length in various pastel colors) and lots of various Pendleton woolens (skirts, jackets and suits). I remember paying $1.50 for a cashmere sweater!!

  6. lovely outfit! I especially love the tights and shoes. x

  7. i love the pattern mix of the tights and the dress.xx

  8. this is incredibly lovely, love that red blazer! and that was an great idea to put those tights with that dress :)

  9. Another blogging Elanor!
    You are officially the 3rd I have found!
    1 in Ireland, 1 in New Zealand, me in NJ and now you in CA!

    Lovely blog!

    Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet

  10. Oh, how I love that smexy scarf.


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