With or Without

Here I am, sitting in my pajamas and finishing off some hot chocolate. It's almost 11, but I'm not at school today. :) Or tomorrow! We have a 4 day weekend! It's amazing. I plan on sleeping in, and hopefully doing fun stuff. Although - I am completely mixed up now. I thought the Harry Potter midnight showing was tomorrow, but as it turns out... it's next Friday. So now I have no idea what I'm doing with these 3 days (Sunday will be for homework, as always).

Yesterday was my short day, and basically like a Friday, so it was double great. Not that I actually did anything interesting though, oddly enough. I drove around after school trying to discover new places for photos. Unfortunately I just decided that for now (until I get the confidence to randomly take photos in public/with people around and watching) I'll just have to continue with my "secret" spots. Not really secret, though... This is just my street. Haha.

I thought the sun rays were really nice in these photos - it was an hour earlier than Tuesday's post, so the lighting was better. Also, as you can see in these photos - I got new boots! I've been lusting after a pair like this, if it wasn't already obvious. I mixed patterns a bunch with this outfit, but somehow I think it all goes. Pullover sweaters are really quite nice, I'm realizing. I think that's another thing I need to think about getting now...!

xx Elanor

sweater: goodwill
dress: forever 21
necklace: claire's
tights: target
boots: marshall's
scarf: a gift (forever 21)
currently listening to... My own breathing.


  1. hahahah omg i love that picture of you jumping! it's awesome.
    love this outfit- quirky but so cute.

  2. I love this - Great tights, scarf & boots! The lighting is perfect.

    KF x

  3. I love the mixed patterns, I think its actually really hard to do and you pulled it off great! I love it.

    the picture of you jumping reminds me of this picture...just the pose, not anything else!! This is a really random picture, but it popped into my head when I saw it. Warning: you may never be able to erase this image from your mind!! haha



  4. the lighting in these photos is gorgeous. and i adore your mixed prints!

  5. The lighting in this photo is so great! I love those boots, and you mix patterns so well :)
    Hooray for four day weekends! I too am eagerly awaiting Harry Potter. If only it were this weekend!

  6. You are so great at mixing patterns. Come and help me with my wardrobe! Pretty please!

  7. Gorgeous outfit! Perfect combination of casual and girly pieces and the end result is so pretty. Good choice on the boots - I imagine you'll get LOADS of wear out of them over winter

    Enjoy the 4 day weekend!! Nothing beats sitting around in pjs at 11am :)

  8. Yesterday was my short and also like a Friday day, too! Hehe. The lighting in these pictures is so pretty. I love that top!

  9. EEP! This is probably one of my favorite outfits by you EVER. I love the stripe sweater so much! And I actually have these tights hehe:)

  10. Love the photos girl! The light is amazing and I wish I could steal your sweater, hehe :]

    Enjoy your 4 day weekend!

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  12. This is all perfect.. I love the sweater and those amazing boots!! x

  13. Loving these pictures! Comfy, cozy cute. I totally adore those tights and boots!


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