I really can't think of a title.

Happy Saturday! I'm about to go spend the remainder of the day with Derek (again!), so I'm going to keep this somewhat short. Yesterday, he and I went driving down the backgrounds until we found a lake to take some photos. Ironically... the lake is not in any of these photos... Whoops! Well, we almost missed the sun, and the lighting isn't as perfect as Thursday's post... But I'm getting there! Are any of you like me in that you always end up finding problems with things? Ick, it's not a good habit. :(

We drove up to Point Reyes, a little town up by all the freezing northern California beaches. We plan on spending an actual day there and then go to the beaches some Saturday soon. However, yesterday we just went to go eat dinner at a cute cafe. I got a delicious ham and cheese sandwich with pesto - very yummy! We drove home then - and of course, it's already super dark so it feels like 9 pm, when it's only 6.... heh. We watched "The Maze" later at his house. Let me make this clear, don't watch it! It's a stupid thriller with horrible acting and a plot that was so undeveloped that Derek and I cried a bit. I repeat, don't see it!

Anyway, Not much to say about my outfit, except... Like my hat? ;) I thought it was a bit ridiculous but I went with it. Yay for courage!

Have a great Saturday!
xx Elanor

P.S. The GoodWill in my town had an "all clothes $2 sale!" Friday and Saturday. You can guess what else I did Friday and today...! ;)

long-sleeved shirt: charlotte ruse
skirt (dress here): thrift town
moccasins: thrifted
hat: mom's closet
purse: goodwill
necklace: a gift (tilly's)
currently listening to... Me typing.


  1. Aw, you and Derrek are the sweetest :) And I love your dress with the shirt with the belt! So cute. And that hat definitely works.

  2. you are too cute! Cant wait to see more pictures of these places. I love exploring places I may never get to visit through blogs!


  3. Your boyfriends(?) shirt is pretty epic. Just as epic as your outfit is adorable.

  4. looking adorable as always! you two are so cute together. and his nom nom nom shirt = WIN.

  5. you are so adorable! following!


  6. loving your imagery. The shadow image is beautiful, and you too look lovely in the other images. bless!! x


  7. My goodness!
    You look so pretty! I love the dress over the top. Really cute =)


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