Be Thankful.

Good evening friends and happy Thanksgiving! It's not my favorite holiday by any means, but it's a good day to consider what we are thankful for. Of course, we should strive to do this everyday, now shouldn't we? I went with my family to a few relatives house today to eat a Thanksgiving meal. It was good, but unfortunately I haven't been feeling too good today. Headache, fatigue, and just straight uncomfortableness... :(

Nonetheless, I want to list what I am thankful for. ♥
* My faith and having Jesus in my life.
* My family, and especially the close relationship that I have with my mom.
* My boyfriend, Derek, and the support and love he gives me.
* My friends.
* This blog and the blogging community - I don't want to be cheesy, but I'm forsurely thankful for all of you.
Have a nice evening,
xx Elanor

P.S. Yes, I changed my layout again. I wanted something simple and clean and white. There we go~

dress, belt: goodwill
brown tights: marshall's
heels: thrift town
coat: costco
leaf necklace: f21
currently listening to... Ray LaMontagne - Shelter


  1. I love that you got your coat at costco! it's a hidden treasure! The different patterns on the dress is really unique, I really like it! and your feather-y necklace too!


    Blog layout looks great to!

  2. That necklace is amazing. And green shoes = sheer awesomeness!

  3. Cute photographs : ) And another adorable outfit!
    Ps - I LOVE your thankful list!

  4. pretty dress and i really love your coat :) x

  5. love your blog! i am a new follower and am having so much fun reading up on your previous posts. your "about me" section in your blogger profile, fits me to a "T." Looking forward to your posts!

  6. Hi! I'm stopping over from vintch and becoming your newest follower!
    I love your fashion, I love your photos and I LOVE your hair!!


  7. I have not seen the sun in about five days. I AM SO JEALOUS OF THE SUN. It looks incredible. (Hey, there's something else for you to be thankful for!)

    Great pictures and happy thanksgiving! (even though I'm Canadian, hehe.)


  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, it's always nice to reflect upon your blessings (whether it be on Thanksgiving or every day!). Also, i'm diggin the layout :)

  9. hope you feel better!
    very cute outfit. i'm diggin' the dress and coat :)


  10. Lovely photos and that dress is really great! :)

  11. I really really really love your blog! You have such a great sense of style, and I really like your layout and your header!
    Definitely following, and thank you for commenting!

  12. ray lamontagne!!! i like your dress :)

  13. damn girl, i am loving this new layout & header!


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